About Us

Charcuterie is the art, craft and science of salting, smoking and curing meats.

At Keller Crafted Meats, we aim to delight and nourish customers with thoroughly delicious American charcuterie; handcrafted using Old-World methods.

Our delicious meat products –made only in small batches– respect nature by combining humanely and sustainably raised antibiotic-free meats with the finest quality herbs and seasonings.

Mark Keller insists that our pork and beef products honor the animal, the environment and the farmer.  Keller Crafted Meats uses organically approved preservatives in its products and resists the industrial model for producing cheap food. In this way we support the small, responsible and humane farmers who are often unable to get a fair price for the animals they so lovingly raise.

Humanely raised himself by a Swiss immigrant, Mark was imprinted with a love of fine charcuterie as a youngster. Keller Crafted Meats draws on that nexus of deep German, Italian, Spanish and French charcuterie culture, to deliver the very best of American charcuterie. Mark says he can still smell the aroma of the local German butcher’s shop and how the silky and smoky taste of a landjager dried sausage enjoyed in the backseat of his Dad’s Oldsmobile had him hooked.

Over the last decade Mark has worked in charcuterie kitchens, supporting small scale farmers and ranchers by creating the fine American charcuterie items that help them market the entire animal that they raised. We are very pleased to offer our delicious products directly to the public, collaborating to create a tastier and more responsible future.