Yes, Better Food Can Make a Better World

Photo credit: Pat McCarty

Keller Crafted is an impact-driven, farm-direct meat company with a bold mission: to create and sustain a farm-direct food chain that supports progressive farmers, regenerates the land, honors the animal, and nourishes our bodies. We are a conduit between small-scale regional farmers and consumers who seek wellness, reverence, honesty, and quality in their food.

We source the highest quality local, sustainable and regenerative meats and poultry, add value with craft butchery and charcuterie, and then deliver it to your door, your local grocery store, and restaurants across California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. Whether you are looking for wholesale, retail, or home meat delivery we provide the best custom-cut meat and charcuterie from farmers that prioritize health, animal welfare, and sustainability.


Mission Driven


Hand crafted direct from our most progressive regional farmers, and delivered to your door.



We believe food entwines the wellbeing of all living things

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When you’re a type 1 or mother or father of a type 1 you’re reading labels all the time and find sugar is in all these things, or in all these places you wouldn’t expect it to be.
“I really appreciate Keller and I appreciate the fact that they recognized that people might not want sugar in their food and that people care about where their food is coming from.”

“When friends come over to my house for dinner and they try it, they can taste the difference.”

“They are not only taking care of the animal, but also not being wasteful. That’s something that really attracted us to this group. They are mindful, sustainable and holistic in how they harvest the animal and how they advocate about eating the whole animal.”

“I’ve had zero issues with orders or the quality for two years. They have never failed. Never freezer burn, never not packaged properly, nothing opened or leaking or smelling. The caliber of the meat has been top notch.”

“The best advertising is WOM, I’ve told everyone I think would be interested. I tell them, if you want to try the best bacon you’ve ever had in your life, go to Keller and order some bacon.”

“We’ve industrialized everything, it’s good to see companies bring back old methods and make them popular again. I’ve found that to be a good moral point that I wanted to support in purchasing their product.”

“Right now, buying the best food I can afford is very important to me. I believe in it for my own health and the health of my children."

“I still have concerns over glyphosate even in Non-GMO verified food because it’s everywhere. So, I’m only interested in things labeled Non-GMO and I’m really interested in what that really means for meat products. I found a company that sells glyphosate tested food, but it’s really really expensive, like beyond what I can do.”

“My general feeling is food in the supermarket is too cheap. It’s a reflection of how it’s made and it’s too bad that we are in a situation that people can’t afford good food and it’s why we’re so sick. And then our healthcare costs go up and so people can’t afford good food and get sicker.”