Anderson Ranches

Anderson Ranches
Brownsville, OR

I met Reed Anderson in 2003 and I was blown away as I watched a master in his element. Running sheep on agricultural fields with temporary fencing, gleaning crop residue, fertilizing and upcycling in one controlled symphonic act.

Anderson Ranches lamb is a pinnacle culinary lamb experience. This lamb holds the power to kindle a new relationship with lamb like you may have never had.

Anderson Ranch lamb is 100% grass-fed and grass finished grown in the premiere grass growing region in the world. The lamb is slow grown and truly grass finished (fattened) for an incredible lamb culinary experience.

Anderson Ranches is a Certified Humane program, which is a rigorous third-party audited program ensuring animals are cared for and raised with respect and empathy.

Reed and Robyn Anderson with their sons Jake and Travis are the current owners and managers and operators of this fifth generation of lamb operation. Their expertise and care ensures Anderson Ranches lambs will produce the highest quality meat – that is tender, juicy and delicious.

The Anderson’s have vast experience in selecting the best English breeds for optimal growth in Oregon’s climate. The Willamette Valley boasts one of the most productive, grass-growing regions in the US, a perfect place to raise the perfect lambs.

The sheep / livestock company is managed by Jake Anderson, who understands that genetics is key to healthy and happy animals. In addition; providing open ranges and pastures with unlimited grazing not only supports the natural growth and development of the sheep; it also improves the sustainability of the land by reducing weeds and noxious plants through the simple act of grazing. Grass-management is another key to sustaining high quality, it’s imperative to manage the land, ensuring it is not over or under-grazed.

The Anderson’s sheep grow until they are between 7-10 months of age and to an average weight of approximately 130 lbs. Allowing the lambs to grow slowly is one of the keys to their special lamb.

Travis Anderson manages the state-of-the-art Kalapooia Valley harvest and processing facility, built in 2013. This investment has allowed the consumer 100% transparency and securitty in supply while ensuring exacting meat fabrication standards.

Kalapooia is a USDA inspected plant that was designed based on the famed Temple Grandin’s Best Standards for Humane Handling. In turn, not only do the animals have less stress from transportation as the plant is often within 1-10 miles of the pastures where the sheep graze but also there is less stress during the unloading and harvesting process.


Anderson Ranches sustainable practices are unique and unmatched when compared to other lamb companies.

  • Their sheep graze hill pastures that are not farmed, but grow beautiful pine and fir trees, the sheep eat the weeds and noxious plants in these pastures as well, supporting the health of the trees and grasses as well as keeping the fire danger at a controllable level.
  • Composting program – consists of baled straw that is an ancillary product of the grass-seed business and unused approved by-products for the processing facility are composted and used as natural fertilizer for the seed fields.
  • Water-reclamation is used at the processing facility, ensuring water can be reused in the pastures after recycling through the plant sanitation program.
  • All of the Anderson’s farming and business endeavors are within a very small radius of just a few miles, thus they can honestly and easily claim a very small carbon footprint for all of their business
  • Reed Anderson was awarded the Linn County – Soil and Water Conservationist of the Year in 2007 and 2008. The entire Anderson family is dedicated to using sustainable practices ensuring fertile land and clean water, so they can continue to raise the healthiest grass-fed lamb in the world.

Humanely Raised

Anderson Ranches is a Certified Humane program, which is a rigorous third-party audited program ensuring animals are cared for and raised with dignity and empathy.

Find out more about Humane Certified and how Anderson Ranches works with them for this certification program at:

Certified Humane