Klingeman Farms

Klingeman Farms
Ephrata, WA

We believe that the Klingeman Family is the best progressive pork producer we have ever seen.

Located in the heart of Washington State, the Klingeman farm is a family affair operated by two generations that produces an extremely unique pork that has never been fed corn or soybean, Non-GMO project verified, never administered antibiotics and of a culinary quality that has been astounding foodies and discerning chefs for more than a decade.

Keller Crafted is the exclusive purveyor of Klingeman Farms meats in California Nevada and Arizona.

Keller has been using Klingeman pork exclusively since 2008 in all our Keller crafted pork sausages, hams and bacon.

100% of our pork for KCM charcuterie comes from this one very special farm.

Taste the difference.

The Klingeman Farms utilizes heritage breeds mainly Berkshire and Duroc to create pork that tastes nothing short of special.

All hogs are raised in a European deep straw bedded hoop houses. The bedding straw is composted on site and spread on the farm to provide nutrients for crops. The deep straw model provides a simple yet optimal for the outdoor growing of hogs while being able to utilize the straw compost to regenerate the soils organically. Hog grown outdoors have higher levels of Vit D The Klingeman Farm operation is certified by the Food Alliance which is perhaps the most holistic 3rd party certification available that verifies, environmental stewardship, humane animal care and farm worker treatment.

LIVESTOCK HUSBANDRY: The hogs are grown slowly outdoors with using a European deep straw bedded hoop houses for shelter. The straw is composted and then used to raise crops on the farm.

TRANSPARENCY: The Klingemans have made a series of wise investments to take the mystery out of the product and create unparalleled transparency.

  • On Farm Feed Mill – consumers are really getting on board trying to understand what their food ate. The investment of an on-farm feed mill has taken 100% of the mystery out of that important question. The Klingemans purchase local small grains (barley, triticale, wheat) and field peas and flax to blend into a Non-GMO project verified feed. Not only does this regional feed made sense from an environmental aspect but it also allowed them to omit corn and soybean 100% from the diet.
  • Harvest Facility - Humanely harvested at family owned and operated USDA inspected plant – 20 minutes from the farm.
  • Birthing Center – Sows give birth are farrowed in a state-of-the-art European design birthing center that provides comfort for the sow and protection for the newborn pig. Piglet mortality is a huge concern and this investment in welfare and comfort is another signal to us how committed the Klingemans are to pushing the envelope to create a better and more compassionate food system This is the most humane option this is not in a confinement farrowing crate.
FEED & FOOD MILES: Their farming operation is in central Washington the middle of small grain country and the feed comes from no more than 100 miles of the farm. This is critical as the food miles skyrocket when feed is being transported to from the Midwest or Asia to feed livestock on the west coast. The non-gmo small grain also adds the culinary aspect giving the pork what we call a “European Small Grain Finish.” It’s delicious.
Non GMO Project Verified Food Alliance Certified Producer