Lost Coast Humboldt Grassfed

Lost Coast Humboldt Grassfed
Humboldt, CA

In search of beef with jaw-dropping flavor that contains all the nutritional benefits nature has to offer and was produced in a manner which honors the life of the animal, Keller Crafted formed a collaboration with a collective of leading edge grass farming families in Humboldt County.

The combination of a perfect environment for growing high quality pastures and expert grass finishing management utilizing adaptive multi paddock grazing puts this grass farming collective into legendary status in my humble opinion.

If you are a wine aficionado, you can think of this beef hailing from the "Napa Valley of Grass".

Grass Fed & Pasture Finished

While all grass-fed beef comes from cattle that have eaten grass, not all have grazed freely and many are finished on grain at the end of their life to help fatten them up. All of the Lost Coast cattle are 100% grass fed and pasture finished, which means they never receive supplementary grains. Lost Coast cows roam freely throughout their life, feeding on fresh rye grasses and white clover which provides an optimal balance of carbohydrate and protein. This natural diet of lush greenery results in nutrient dense marbling for a richer flavor, packed with nutrients.

Coastal Farms

All of the cattle are raised on coastal farms in Humboldt County, an ideal growing climate for grasses. Grasses here grow rapidly year-round, regenerating quickly to offer an endless supply of greenery for cows to graze on. In the wetter Winter months, the cattle may be moved east, away from the coast to prevent damage to the pastures, while still grazing on wild grasses whose growth will subside in the hotter Summer months.

Humanely Raised & Free of Antibiotics and Hormones

Lost Coast cattle are never confined, unless they require special care and are raised 100% free of hormones and antibiotics. Transport is minimized to reduce stress, with most of the herd remaining within a 20-mile radius their entire lives. The herd moves daily to fresh pastures on their own and remain protected from predators at all times, resulting in very docile cows, comfortable with humans and their surroundings – a sign of their low-stress environment.

The Lost Coast Grass Fed and Pasture Finished program is just one example of how we’re working with ranchers and farmers to rebuild our food ecosystem. Creating more economically sustainable relationships that produce phenomenal tasting meats with optimal nutritional value and minimal impact to the environment and distress to the animals.

Lost Coast Grass Fed & Pasture Finished Beef FAQs

Where is Lost Coast Beef raised?

The cattle are raised in Humboldt County California by the Humboldt Grass-fed Finishers. A few different ranchers in the Ferndale and Fortuna area contribute to the program, and they all abide by the same ranching and handling practices. The cattle must go through a visual selection process in order to get into the Lost Coast program.

Do the cattle ever receive supplementary feed rations or grains?

The cattle are 100% pasture raised, grass-fed and finished. They never receive supplementary grains. Grains are unnecessary to create a high quality finished beef due to the high quality of the pasture. The pastures quality stems from:

  • A predominance of rye grass and white clover, which provides the animal an optimal balance of carbohydrate and protein as it feeds, that then create a beef flavor that is naturally balanced.
  • The proximity of these ranches to the ocean which stabilizes temperatures so there is no extreme heat or cold which would deteriorate pasture quality.

How does this program differ from other grass-fed programs?

This is not just grass-fed beef, this is pasture finished beef meaning when you see “grass fed” on a beef label you have no way of knowing at what point in maturity or quality the cattle were removed from pasture. Pasture Finished lets you know that the cattle were raised and kept on pasture until the appropriate age and optimal quality of the meat is achieved.

Lost Coast Pasture Finished Beef is finished only through direct grazing on a pasture, never in a “grass finishing” feedlot.

Because this region has naturally high precipitation, there is ideal, year-round availability of high octane pasture and forage, unlike other grassfed programs that only have natural pasture available 6-8 weeks per year. The natural grazing window in most parts of California is 1-2 months in the spring, while these ranches have the longest natural growing season that we have found, typically over 40 weeks per year.

Is the program anti-biotic and hormone free?

Absolutely, 100% hormone and antibiotic free.

Are the cattle ever confined?

The cattle are raised humanely and respectfully, and never confined to a feedlot.

The cattle are rotated on grass, and moved daily to fresh pasture. They are very docile because of their association to their rancher and the lush pasture.

Where are they processed?

At Redwood Meat Co, Eureka, CA, a plant that is 20 minutes away from the ranchers – not 1- 2 days away like much of the industry. The cattle spend minimal time in transport which greatly reduces the animals’ stress levels and results in a much higher quality.

Is the program organic?

No, the program is not certified organic. Organic certification adds significantly to the cost and many of our ranchers that obtained the certification in the past created a product that was too expensive, which forced them to drop their organic certification.

What is the breed of the cattle?

English breeds: Angus, Hereford and Short Horn. These breeds are known for carcass quality.