Pitman Family Farms

Pitman Family Farms
Sanger, CA

Pitman Family Farms company comes to mind as I look for an example of a family farming operation that truly leads as they improve access to quality food.

I have watched over the last decade as they decisively invested in a system that is focused on doing the right thing and breaking the status quo.

I absolutely love their Heirloom chicken and I think you will too. The Pitmans' create the "Heirloom" chicken by crossing a slower growing chicken genetics with the traditional Cornish cross, resulting in a slower growing and hardier bird that can be raised humanely in a pasture centered production model. The chicken is fed non GMO verified feed and is then air chilled for quality.

David Pitman contacted me when Keller Crafted was struggling to get the USDA to recognize the Non- GMO Project Verified Claim. David went back to Washington DC and made it happen! We all owe David.

About Pitman Family Farms

Pitman Family Farms is a family owned farming operation that has been raising poultry for three generations. Don Pitman began raising free-range turkeys and chickens in 1954. His son, Rick, continued to raise turkeys and named them after his wife, Mary. Their son, David, continued the family tradition of raising chickens.

Air Chilled

Pitman chickens are cooled with a state of the art “Air Chill” system. Air Chill helps inhibit the spread of bacteria by keeping all of the chickens independent, and saves 30,000 gallons of chlorinated water every day!

The air chilled method produces a better tasting chicken. With no water added, the air chilled method keeps the "real" chicken flavor and juices. No water is absorbed, so you get the natural flavor of chicken.

What Does Gap 4 Pasture Centered Mean?

  • Slower-growing breed Pasture areas have natural grass vegetation to encourage natural behavior
  • 50% or more natural or hay vegetative cover on pasture
  • 25% or more natural or hay vegetative cover on pasture
  • Shade is provided in outdoor area
  • Water is provided in outdoor area
  • No physical alterations (No beak trimming, de-spurring, dubbing, caponization)
  • Fed no antibiotics, by-products, or added growth hormones
  • Hay bales and perches are added
  • Space for birds to flap their wings, dust bathe, and move about
  • Added features for them to play, hide and isolate themselves

Non GMO Feed

Fed a Non GMO Vegetarian Diet:

  • NO Genetically Modified Organisms*

Vegetarian Diet:

  • 65% Non GMO Corn
  • 30% Non GMO Soybean Meal
  • 5% Vitamins and Nutrients 
  • *GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms: an organism with altered genetic DNA engineered by humans

Pitmans was the first in the industry to be Verified with Non GMO Project.

  • No Antibiotics Ever
  • Fed Vegetarian Diet
  • No Preservatives
  • No Added Hormones