What Does that Label Mean?

When you’re shopping for the best meat, it’s easy to get lost in a maze of vague labels. It’s hard to be healthy when you can’t even figure out what you’re buying. It gets even more difficult when companies use dishonest labels with terms they know people associate with organic foods.


Only poultry has an official free range legal standard. It means the chickens have access to the outdoors. Generally, when you see “free range” on any meat, it means the animal has access to the outside.


This is one of the most misleading labels you’ll find on meat. Defined by the USDA, it means the food has no preservatives and has been minimally processed. All fresh meat falls under this category, so the label is basically meaningless.

No Antibiotics/Hormones

In order to get a label that says “raised without antibiotics,” producers have to document their practices and submit them. However, there isn’t any third-party testing or verification. The same goes for the “No Hormones Administered” label.


If the meat is USDA-certified organic, that means there has been no usage of growth hormones, modified feed, or animal products in raising the meat. However, the organic certification says nothing about how the animals are treated.

When you shop with Keller Crafted Foods, you know exactly what you’re getting. All of our products are Non-GMO Project certified, which means they have less than 9% GMO and have been painstakingly produced and documented. Though our animals are humanely raised in a free-range environment, our Non-GMO Project Verification legally proves that we raise our meat in a way you can trust. Shop our gourmet bacon and more today!