Our Sustainable Products

These days, GMOs are quickly losing popularity, and with good reason. GMO is an acronym for “genetically modified organisms.” Basically, they are living organisms that have been genetically manipulated to resist herbicide or to produce insecticide. They were produced with the goal of increasing yields, withstanding drought, and more nutrition. Instead, there is growing evidence that they create health problems and damage the environment.

Today, up to 80 percent of processed food in the U.S. contains GMOs. Because of the tolerance that was put into GMOs, super weeds and super bugs have developed. As time continues, more negative results will probably come to light. That is why we are part of the Non-GMO Project, an organization dedicated to illuminating GMOs and empowering people to make healthy choices. They also protect non-GMO products and are North America’s only third-party non-GMO verifier. We are proud to have their verification, which means you can completely trust our products.  

At Keller Crafted Meats, we are committed to paving the road back to a sustainable, healthy relationship between humans and nature. When you purchase our products, you are helping to pave that road! You get absolutely delicious, hand-crafted specialty meats that will delight you and your family all year long. Shop today!

Support healthy, sustainable food when you buy non-GMO meat from Keller Crafted Meats. We are proud to offer the best delicious products. Shop today!