A History of Hot Dogs

A History of Hot Dogs

Here at Keller Crafted Meats, we love all things meat. Especially pork, which is why we have organic grass raised pork available for order online. If you are as interested in meat as we are, you may be interested in a little bit of its history as well. Here, we go over the history of one of the more iconic American meats: the hot dog.


Okay, we said American, but sausage as a processed food actually dates back to 9th century BC, as far back as Homer's Odyssey.  However, these differed from the modern hot dog slightly, which was likely invented by one Johann Georgehehner in Coburg, Germany in the 1600s. Credit to who invented the hot dog is highly disputed, however, even today.

Another predecessor to the hot dog, the frankfurter, is credited for being developed in Frankfurt, Germany in 1487. The city of Frankfurt holds celebrations and cooking competitions annually to see who can make the best hot dog.

Where the term hot dog came from is another highly disputed fact. Etymologists know that it has been used as a synonym for "sausage" ever since the 1800s. One popular theory (or myth?) is that the first reference to a "hot dog" was by cartoonist Thomas Aloysius Dorgan at the newspaper he worked for. However, nobody has of yet been able to find a copy of this apocryphal cartoon.

Another origin story for the word goes that American Sports concessionaire Harry M. Stevens sold German sausages to spectators at the New York Polo Grounds, calling them "dachshund sandwiches". However, the cartoonist drawing the event couldn't spell dachshund, so he just called them "hot dogs" in the New York Post. 

There is a lot more intrigue in the world of hot dog history than we thought! But hey, as long as they end up on the dinner plate, we are okay with that!


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