Benefits of the Keto Diet

Benefits of the Keto Diet

Here at Keller Crafted Meats, our non-GMO, Food Alliance Certified meat is the perfect addition for anybody currently experimenting with the Ketogenic Diet. Better known as the keto diet, the name refers to "ketosis", a state where the body uses ketones for energy rather than glucose. Ketones burn fat at a much more efficient rate, with weight loss and other potential benefits resulting as a side effect. We go over them here.

Weight Management

The key to entering ketosis is a low carb diet that is high in healthy fats, and that has moderate protein intake. Without the carbs to rely on to break down sugars, your body must rely on ketosis instead (at least in part) to meet your energy needs. This way, your body burns fat much more efficiently for most tasks when in a state of ketosis, but still has glucose stored for important tasks. The extra glucose helps ensure that your body doesn't run out of protein necessary for your daily functioning. The Keto diet is in contrast to diets that rely on fasting, or not receiving necessary nutrients, to cause the body to burn fat. However, it is still probably best to consult with a medical professional before starting the Keto diet.

Appetite Control

It may go against common sense that a diet that restricts what you eat could help control your appetite, but the Keto diet can do just that due to the full feeling foods rich in healthy fats give you. 

Increased Energy

When done correctly, meaning a person is still consuming enough carbohydrates to avoid micro-nutrient deficiencies, the Keto diet can sometimes increase energy in individuals. This is something that might occur after an initial energy loss during the transition from your body using glycolysis for energy to ketosis.

Gut Health

Scientists are still studying all of the effects of ketosis on the body, but one such study indicates that ketosis can actually help improve the health of the biome that is your stomach. There are millions of types of bacteria in your stomach, and it needs just the right proportions to function normally. Ketosis appears to aid in reaching this equilibrium.


If you are looking to start the Keto diet, make sure to speak with a medical professional, professional nutritionist, or professional trainer first. If you are already on it, our online meat products are made without GMOs, are not raised with antibiotics or hormones, and are Food Alliance Certified. Best of all, they fit perfectly into the Keto diet. Check out our offers for yourself today, and feel free to give us a call for more information.