Defining Processed Food and Its Problems

Giving your body what it needs to live a healthy life is easier when you understand the difference between processed and unprocessed foods. The industry has them organized into three different groups. Group 1 foods are the most pure, Group 2 foods are cooking ingredients, and Group 3 foods are what we’re going to talk about today!

Group 3: Ultra-Processed Foods

  • Group three foods are the least healthy class of foods available. They are ultra-processed, which means they take Group 2 foods that have already been processed and combine them with more Group 2 foods. The Group 2 foods include sugars, fats, oils, and meat remnants. Group 3 processes include curing, pickling, smoking, baking, deep frying, and adding synthetic vitamins or preservatives.
  • The thing is, Group 3 foods are not made to nourish you. They are simply made to be accessible, attractive, durable, and convenient. They can travel long distances and usually create habits.
  • You lose a lot of natural benefits when you put convenience first. Ultra-processed Group 3 foods deliver too much salt, sugar, oil, and fat and not enough fiber, nutrients, and other important ingredients. They have a profound cultural impact, too - they can be sold in huge sizes, they taste good, and they’re aggressively marketed to make up for the fact that they don’t provide much. They’re also usually eaten alone, which prevents people from getting good nutrients.

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