Farm to Heal: Our Pasture Grazed Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Buy Keller Crafted Pasture Grazed Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. I love the culinary traditions our family embraces but also the idea that we get a time to focus on gratitude. Gratitude is a powerful force that unifies and heals.

A tradition Keller Crafted holds near to our hearts, is bringing your family an exquisite holiday centerpiece that was grown in harmony on pastures lush with green growing grass. Our pasture grazed turkeys come from an incredible 3rd generation family farm, Ferndale Farm, where they are sustainably raised and humanely treated. The outdoor “Pasture Grazed” approach means that the birds are constantly rotated into a new green and growing pasture. The pastures are free of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers and the turkeys are never given any antibiotics or growth stimulants. This kind of turkey is rare to find and of the highest quality to serve at your Thanksgiving or Holiday meals. Shop our full holiday line. 

Pasture Raised Turkeys for Thanksgiving

FARM TO HEAL: Our new turkey label has the prominent messaging “Farm to Heal”. Farm to Heal is a reminder that the soil we grow our food in offers an powerful solution to some of the most important problems we face including: global warming, loss of biodiversity, degraded water quality, and disruption of the mineral and water cycles - impacting our human health. Keller Crafted supports farming systems that can help us create deeply nourishing food that can be produced in agricultural models closely aligned with the principles of nature.