Guiltless Fast Food Redefined: Our Marinated Stir Fry Meal Starters

Guiltless Fast Food Redefined: Our Marinated Stir Fry Meal Starters

During mid-Covid Quarantine, I started to feel the pain of the families at home, homeschooling, trying to get everything done in a quality way while working remotely. Tough times. Kitchen fatigue had officially set in, and I saw a real need to provide our friends and family a simple, almost formulaic solution that was easy to execute, fast to prepare with culinary results that excites everyone at the table.

I was inspired by my 13 year old daughter, Stella, who was whipping up some seriously awesome stir frys with sausage and heaps of either fresh cut or frozen veggies. She is a very pragmatic child, and I saw her formula for success. Flexibility and resiliency was hard-coded into her model for a high quality meal in about 10-15 minutes. Bam, done deal.

I have always been into veggies. It sounds funny since I founded a meat company, but the truth is, I have simply loved vegetables since I was a little guy. I remember eating a full meal with my family and then after dinner, I would make an enormous salad with a homemade tangy vinaigrette. With veggies in my heart, I wanted to find an enticing way to integrate them simply into our weekday go-to meal when time or energy is in short supply. This meal needed to be something the entire family would enjoy and benefit from.

Always thinking about our farmers, I looked at what cuts would be available and valuable to balance a whole animal philosophy. We chose to marinate all tender quality, lean cuts of meat and poultry - grass-finished, locally raised beef, non-GMO pork that's never fed corn or soy, pasture grazed turkey, and air chilled, non-GMO verified chicken.

The meats and poultry are seasoned with the best ingredients we could find, and we use a minimal amount of sea salt to allow each home chef to season to personal satisfaction / dietary needs. We slice the meat and poultry thinly so they are as tender as possible. All you need to do is add your favorite vegetables and/or grains for one of the fastest and tastiest meals.

In a shutdown world, I wanted to travel with you through flavors. I explored some really awesome flavor profiles from all over the world, especially Asian, African and South American. We offer Ancho Lime, Black Garlic, Chimichurri, Citrus Garlic & Herb, Fresh Garlic & Thyme, and Turmeric Yogurt.
We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

- Mark Keller, CEO & Founder


The packages are 12 oz in total weight of marinated sliced meat with a vision to create a meal for 3 people (3 x 4 oz servings per package). Add your go-to veggies and/or grains to complete the meal.

Defrost your 12 oz of marinated meat in the refrigerator (or use the cold water method if you don’t have the time).

Cook a mountain of veggies with the cooking oil of your choice (I like avocado oil for the high smoke point and healthy fat) in a wok or pan on your stovetop - keep it simple.

I like sweet potatoes and you can prep the sweet potatoes in advance and keep them in the fridge then dice them up for a killer paleo / autoimmune friendly meal.

Add the defrosted marinated stir fry meats with all the package contents (the liquid is organic extra virgin olive oil).

Cook the meat or poultry to your preferred doneness, normally about 3-4 minutes on high heat. Overcooking the stir fry will dry it out. I suggest using a digital thermometer to gauge your meat doneness.