How to Avoid Freezer Burn on Your Meat

How to Avoid Freezer Burn on Your Meat

At Keller Crafted Meats, we strive to get our customers the best in grass fed beef online — as well as a host of other meats — at a reasonable cost. We are proud of our organic grass fed beef, and we’re confident you’ll taste the difference when you subscribe to any one of our meat boxes.

Because we take such great pride in our meat, we want to make sure you enjoy them when they’re freshly delivered to your door. However, we understand sometimes you just have more meat than you could possibly consume, especially if you subscribe to our butcher’s box grande.

That’s why we wanted to take some time today to warn you about the dangers of freezer burn, and the things you can do to prevent it.

What is freezer burn and what does it do to my meat?

Freezer burn happens when the moisture in outer lays of food evaporates in your freezer, leaving dry spots. These dry spots are brownish-white in color and are usually covered in ice. This occurs because water molecules are attracted to the coldest place they can find in your freezer. One of these molecules migrate from your meat to another spot in your freezer, “burning” occurs.

The “good news” is that even if your food has been freezer burned, it is still safe to eat. Whether or not you’ll still enjoy the taste is another story. It also robs food of its nutritional value and texture — so much so the USDA avoids removing the affected areas. We’ll leave that up to you.

How do You Avoid Freezer Burn?

One of the most important things you can do to ensure you avoid freezer burn is use freezer bags or containers made of thicker glass or plastic. You can buy containers which are specifically designed for freezing food.

That means, if you choose to buy your meat from your local grocery store, don’t rely on the thin plastic wrapping to protect your food from freezer burn if you’re not going to use it right away.

Remember it’s important you do all you can to keep air out. This means squeezing as much of the excess are out as you can before sealing your container or bag. You can also consider investing in a vacuum sealer to ensure air isn’t an issue.

If you’re going to be freezing cooked food, it’s imperative you let it cool down to room temperature before freezing it. You don’t want steam trapped inside the container when you’re freezing your food as it encourages the growth of ice crystals. You can also raise the overall temperature in your freezer if you stick hot foods in.

Don’t Let Freezer Burn Stand in the Way of Good Meat

While we can’t guarantee what our organic grass fed beef or other non-GMO meats taste like if you freezer burn them, we guarantee they will arrive at your door fresh and ready to eat — or freeze, if so desired. Get started with our of our meat boxes today.