Interesting Meat Facts, Part 2

We here at Keller Crafted Meats absolutely love our meats. That's why we put together some interesting meat facts for our readers earlier this month. But we're not done yet! There's always room to grow and learn in the world of meats. To that end, here is part two of our interesting meat facts segment.

Language and Meat

Did you know that English words for the animals we commonly eat, like cow, sheep, and chicken, are based off of Germanic words? Conversely, our words for meat, like beef, mutton, and poultry, are based off of French words. This is because of English history, as when these words came to be Anglo Saxon peasants were the ones raising the livestock while Norman Aristocratic rulers ate them.

Changing Trends

If you had to guess, which type of meat do you think people consume most in the world? If you guessed beef, you would have been right all the way up until 2013, when for the first time ever fish consumption surpassed beef consumption across the world.

The Great Decision

In 987, Vladimir the Great, Prince of Kiev, considered making a conversion to one of the three major world religions. As recorded by his chronicler Nestor, he refused to accept Islam due to their taboos against alcohol and pork.

For Whom the Bacon Is Cooked

The bell may toll for thee, but the bacon is cooked by Hemingway. At least, that's what the people who helped make Hemingway's bacon wrapped trout recipe famous might say. He also created a pan fried hamburger recipe that has appeared in Saveur, The Paris Review, and Esquire, to name a few publications.

One Small Bite for Man

Have you ever wondered what the first meal eaten on the moon was? Well, considering Americans made it there first, it shouldn't be any surprise that that food was bacon. Although, we use the term loosely here, as it was actually freeze dried bacon cubes.

Hang Time

Have you ever seen an upscale steakhouse where the meat was dried in house? That meat is likely left up there to dry for several weeks, gets rid of moisture and helps with enzymatic breakdown, both of which add flavor to the meat.

America's #1!

Americans lead the world in meat consumption, which probably isn't surprising. To put that into a little bit of perspective, the average American eats around 195 pounds of meat a year, while the average British person eats only about 100 pounds a year.

A Pig Sty

America may eat more meat than any other country, but Denmark may very well have a higher ratio of pigs to people. In fact, there are more pigs in Denmark than people!


Hopefully you have found these meat facts interesting. Here at Keller Crafted Meats, we offer sustainable meat products including organic and sugar free meat options. We're proud of the quality standard of our meat, and know that you will enjoy it. If you have any questions about our products, please don't hesitate to give us a call. We'll answer any questions that you may have.