Keller Crafted News: A Newsletter For The Conscious Eater

Quick note from Mark Keller:

These pasture grazed Turkeys went live for our meat club members and our entire supply was wiped out in days. This was our first year and we had purchased a meaningful amount of birds. I spoke to John Peterson this week and he is so grateful for your support. Thank you! Trusting us with the centerpiece of your celebration makes the holiday season just a little bit sweeter for the Peterson family.

How to get a turkey this year:

Keller/Ferndale Pasture Grazed Turkey Birds are still available through our steadfast partners (see below). Contact one of them and ask for our brand. Quantities are extremely limited, so claim yours as soon as possible.
San Francisco: Good Eggs , Canyon Market , Avendano's Meats
Davis: Davis Coop
West Coast: Farm Fresh to You 
Click below to read about this three generation family farm now owned by John Peterson (pictured left), the grandson of its original founders.





The best way to thaw your bird is in the refrigerator. The Turkey will thaw at the rate of about 4 pounds per day. Short on time? You can thaw it using the "Cold Water Method." Submerge the unopened, still wrapped Turkey in cold water and change the water every 30 minutes. This method thaws at the rate of 2 pounds per hour. For a great gravy recipe to go with your bird, click below. VIEW THE RECIPE


Keller Crafted Delivers Pristine Meat and Poultry From Our Farmers to Your Door

 Keller Crafted, your trusted source for meat, poultry and charcuterie, you can be assured that the food we deliver to you is clean, pristine, heart-healthy, non GMO, antibiotic-free and delicious so you can "Eat With Understanding." Helping you eat healthier is why we do what we do.
You choose from beef that has been pastured-raised and grass-finished year-round in California's Humboldt County, non-GMO Pure Country Pork from the Klingeman Family Farm, Certified Humane grass-finished Lamb, Turkeys from Ferndale Farm in Minnesota, pasture-raised poultry from Pasture Bird in California, as well as ham and charcuterie.



I am sitting in my home office on a Sunday afternoon sipping on some bone broth attempting to recover from last week and prepare for what lies ahead while listening to my kids studying to amazing music. Out the windows the sky is blue, a light warm breeze drifts through my window, and I KNOW I am blessed.
Thank you for supporting Keller Crafted's efforts to produce fair food from the most progressive farmers I have had the honor of meeting. 
Together, as a community, we are co-creating something so much bigger than any single person's efforts.
We stand together for protection of rural communities, fair, simple, transparent and nutrient dense foods, dignified treatment of animals and thoughtful stewardship of our critical natural resources.
We offer a thank to you our partners and we wish you love, peace, joy and wellness.
Happy Holidays,
Mark Keller