Keller Crafted's Pasture-Raised Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Keller Crafted's Pasture-Raised Turkeys for Thanksgiving
Did you know that Americans consume 46 million turkeys for the holidays? And of those 46 million, based on our understanding, less than 1% are grown on open, lush pasture?

I started Keller Crafted to create a better, kinder more thoughtful food system. The vision for our better food system is certainly for our immediate benefit but also the framework for the future of food, the future of human health and the future of a healthy ecosystem functions that will support successive generations. We know we need different results on this planet and therefore we know we must use our power of personal action daily to be a force for positive change. 

Pasture Raised Turkeys - Thanksgiving
My recent trip to see our turkeys on pasture reunited me with the genesis of our business in a sincere way. I knew that hard work and solid relationships could help forge a better today and align us with an even better tomorrow. Do I sound dreamy and idealistic? Well, I am glad to say I am not. This dream is for real. This will be the 4th year Keller Crafted has partnered with Ferndale Farms on a full pasture grown turkey program and it’s growing each year.  Scaling sustainable and regenerative agriculture is possible and happening now! 

It is one thing to think about growing food really well, and it's another to actually do it AMAZINGLY, and build some scale while delivering on the primary intention – A better food system. Together, we are paying the farmer what he needs to be a thoughtful steward of the land and of the turkey while providing ecological services, a high degree of dignity to the turkeys and top-end nourishment for us.  

This year as I was standing in the lush pasture that smelled like beautiful earth, I knew we were manifesting a better food system. These flocks are tremendous foragers, our pasture grazed turkeys enjoyed the lushest and most beautiful pasture, with tons of sunlight, clean air and exercise. This is what a better food system looks like. 

We have been working hard to enhance your holiday offering with the best quality meats available. Our sustainable and regenerative seasonal offerings include pasture raised whole turkeys and brined spatchcock turkey, along with some of the best ham, beef tenderloin, rack of lamb, and standing rib roasts you have ever tasted. They are hard to get and offered in very limited quantities.

This Thanksgiving, I celebrate us. Together, we are co-creating a multiple bottom line outcome where no participant in the system is circumvented and the extraction so closely associated with mass food production is minimized. We send deep gratitude to you and your loved ones this Thanksgiving. Together we are co-creating a better food system – Thank you.

- Mark Keller

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