Keto and Paleo Diet Friendly Meat


Have you ever started a diet, built up your motivation, gone all in, only to find that there aren’t realistic food options available to you to meet your goals? There is nothing more frustrating than when achieving your goal is out of your control.

Two popular modern diets have gained a lot of traction recently for their health and weight loss benefits: The Paleo and Keto diets.

  • Both of these diets have a lot of things in common:
  • Neither of these diets allow grains
  • Neither of these diets allow legumes
  • Both diets require lots of healthy fats (nuts, seeds coconut oil, animal fats)
  • Absolutely no refined sugar is allowed in either diet
  • Both diets require grass fed, organic protein
  • Both diets require non starchy vegetable, especially leafy greens

One common pitfall that people practicing these diets fall into is that most meats in the United States are cured and processed using refined sugar. Even finding organic meat can be a hassle in some areas. While there are more differences than there are similarities between the two diets, the fact that they both require no refined sugar and organic, grass fed meat makes our products the perfect addition for practitioners of both!

Some of our Paleo and Keto friendly meats include bacon, sausage, and ham. These delectable treats are available for order online today! Make sure to check out our selection for yourself!

Paleo vs. Keto

For those of you interested in these diets, it may help to know what goals they are meant to help you achieve.

  • Paleo -- While the paleo diet does tend to help people lose weight and burn calories more efficiently, its main goal is to eliminate nutrients that are hard to digest and cause stress on your gut. These include phytic acid (found in grains and legumes) and lactose (found in dairy products).
  • Keto -- The main purpose of the keto diet is to achieve dramatic weight loss. It does this by making your body enter a state called ketosis, wherein the body has no glucose (its primary form of energy production), and must consume other sources of energy like fat reserves. On top of its weight loss effects, it can also improve conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes and Alzheimers. When your body uses fat as fuel instead of glucose, it produces something called ketones. When a practitioner of the Keto diet wants to assess whether they have entered ketosis, wherein weight loss effects will follow, they simply need to test the amount of ketones their body is producing.

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