Let's Choose Change Together - Verified Regenerative Corned Beef

Let's Choose Change Together - Verified Regenerative Corned Beef

Every year when St Patrick’s day rolls around, I get excited. I love the deep aromas of corned beef and the feeling of satiety I get from eating this beautiful cut of grass finished beef brisket.

I have to say, we make a corned beef that I am proud of. Not only is it packed with flavors that your great-grandmother would approve of, but it’s also created from start to finish with our environmental footprint as a top priority. We have our blinders on, full speed ahead to help benefit our planet while nourishing our bodies with nutrient dense, grass finished beef. This grass finished corned beef is an intentional byproduct of the full-system environmental repair process. This environmental repair goes deep; it cares for our soils by enhancing biodiversity above and below the soil surface, covering the soils with vegetative life and litter residues that act as an armored shield to protect our soils and the critical organisms. This managed grazing effect also improves critical ecosystem functions such as water and mineral cycling. These vital functions are necessary for the survival of humans on our beautiful planet.

I started making corned beef in 2007. I found some old world recipe books from the 1930s (not online), and I started formulating. We make our corned beef in a time honored tradition with the purest ingredients. Below I will list out the steps because it is a true celebration of our process. A few notes: I am not a fan of salty flavor profiles. I try to let you, the home chef, season as needed to taste. We add the minimum sea salt needed for our natural process to work and exclude sugar from our recipe. (This is one of my nutritional biases). If adding sugar is not necessary for the food chemistry, we err on the side of ingredient simplicity and producing products that are sugar free.

Source Grass Finished Beef Briskets: We source grass fed and grass finished beef briskets from our go-to ranchers, Cory Carman or Carrie Richards. Our ranchers not only produce nutrient dense beef but also take on the responsibility to be the steward of our agricultural lands by implementing intensive grazing techniques that help heal damaged ecosystem functions.

Butchery: Our artisan butchers hand trim and portion each brisket to a perfect cooking size of 2 - 3 lbs.

7 Day Cover Pickle: We make a “cover pickle” brine which contains water, sea salt, organic garlic, and organic pickling spices (celery powder, dill seed, yellow mustard, coriander, bay leaf, ginger, allspice, cinnamon, chili pepper, black pepper, cloves). The beef is submerged and anaerobically preserved during this curing process. We do not inject our pickling brine into the beef; instead, we allow our friend osmosis to do this process for us naturally. Pickling preserves the beef and allows time for the essential oils from the wonderfully aromatic pickling spices to deeply penetrate the beef. This process takes 7 days minimum when done naturally via osmosis.

Packaging: We remove the beef from the cover pickle and package it. Done! Your corned beef is now ready for you to throw in your slow cookers, boiling water or pressure cooker. Enjoy!

I never fully understood why Americans typically only eat corned beef on St Patrick's day. We enjoy it year round. I will make a commitment to keep it on our meat club for 2022 to see if we can change the tradition of celebrating Corned Beef. Our latest batch will be available starting at the end of February.

If you haven't already, I invite you to Choose Change with Keller Crafted starting with our amazing, verified regenerative (by Land to Market) Corned Beef for St. Patrick's Day!