Reasons to Sign up for the Keller Crafted Meat Club

Reasons to Sign up for the Keller Crafted Meat Club

Quality, non-GMO meat is something that we are proud to provide individuals with. Whether it’s for your family dinners or a business meeting, our meats make a delicious addition that everyone is bound to enjoy.

What if we told you that you could have our high-quality meats shipped to you on a monthly basis? The Keller Crafted Meat Club offers a variety of boxes that are filled with only the purest meats from our regional, family farms. Whether it’s pork or beef that you’re after, there’s a box for everyone! If you’re not currently a part of our club, keep reading to learn more about why you should sign up for our meat club today!

Pick Your Poison

When we talk about the quality of the meats that we have for sale, we aren’t over exaggerating. Our non-GMO meats are ideal for all types of meals and they taste incredible. That being said, each of our boxes makes it easy for you to select the meat that you’re partial to. Choose pork, beef or a combination of meats for your subscription box and enjoy high-quality meats, month after month.

Choose Add-on Items

If you find a box that speaks to your soul, but it doesn't’ have an item that you’re dying to try — do not fret! The Keller Crafted Meat Club allows for you to add additional items if you so choose. From bacon and jerky sticks to holiday items and lamb chops, you can add it all to your box. That means that you really can have your cake and eat it, too! Or shall we say, have your steak, and bacon, too.

Forget About Shopping

Spending your free time shopping is a less than ideal way to pass the time. If you’re tired of heading to the supermarket to pick out overpriced pieces of meat that are bound to spoil in a couple of days, then you need to sign up for this subscription box. We make enjoying high-quality meat easy and affordable. Provide your family with only the best and have it shipped directly to your door so that you can save time! No more time wasted shopping, and we love that!

Try New Things

While there may be one particular item of ours that you’re a big fan of, there are so many delicious pieces that we have available. The subscription boxes that our meat club offers makes it easy to indulge in all types of delicious, GMO-free meat. Bring something new to your table without having to worry that the meat you’re purchasing isn’t the highest level of quality.

We make it easy to switch the items that you have in your subscription box too, so you never have to worry about receiving a meat that you don’t enjoy.

Sign up Today!

If we’ve peaked your interest in the Keller Crafted Meat Club, then it’s time to sign up! Learn more about the Keller Crafted Meat Club here and contact our team if you have any questions. Otherwise, sign up and start enjoying your first shipment of Keller Crafted Meat! Contact our team today with any questions, concerns, or for more information.