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Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Meat - Part 1

Before we get started, we want to make it clear that if you’ve decided not to eat meat, more power to you! However, if you are on the fence, we want to make the case for meat so you can come to the best conclusion for yourself. In our next few blogs, we're going to explore why eating meat is a good thing! Please note that when we talk about meat, we’re talking about meat like the meat we sell - all-natural and minimally processed. Processed meat is an entirely different story. Meat delivers important nutrients People who don’t eat meat have to take supplements to get the vitamins meat provides, including B12, B3, B6, iron, selenium, and zinc. Though...

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Why You Should Consider the Paleo Diet - Part 3

Even when you think you’re getting healthy food, it’s hard to know if that’s really true. Our food industry left its roots far behind, and at Keller Crafted Meats, we are working hard to show that it’s possible to get back to the wholesome, sustainable food that truly nourishes us. We are doing this by raising ethical, sustainable meat products. Planning meals is easier when you have a healthy diet plan like the Paleo diet. In our last blog, we discussed some of the benefits of cutting out grains and dairy and eating like ancient people used to eat. In today’s blog, we have five last benefits to share with you. Get All Your Needed Vitamins and Minerals When you...

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Secrets to Affordable Healthy Eating

When you need meat that you can feet yourself and your family without worry, then it’s time to shop with Keller Crafted Meats. We are proud to offer you and your family grass fed beef online and more. Staying healthy is much easier when you’re fueling yourself with healthy food! In our last blog, we looked at ways to make it easier to obtain healthy meat. We understand that healthy eating can be expensive, and sometimes, the challenge of budgeting and staying healthy can seem like too much. That is why we have a few more tips for you today!. Get food at farmer’s markets Whether you live in a small city of a big town, you shouldn’t be too...

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