Take Your Hot Dog Around the World! Part 1

When you sit down to eat a hot dog from Keller Crafted Meats, you’re in for a treat. Anyone who has tried our gourmet sausage products wants more, and we are confident you will, too!

One of the best things about any hot dog is that you can pair it will a simple bun, ketchup, and mustard … or you can go crazy and get creative! Hot dogs are the perfect canvas for anything you can dream up. At Keller Crafted Meats, we love thinking outside the box, and that is why we’re going to share ways to bring international flair to your humble hot dog meal!

Let’s Visit Korea!

  • Fun Facts: In Korea, they believe that discrepancies between the temperature of your environment and your body can lead to indigestion. When it’s hot, you should eat hot food, and when it’s cold, you should eat cold food. They push the point home by eating very hot food on the hottest day of the year and cold soup on the coldest day.
  • Get the Taste: Once your hot dog is cooked to perfection, add Asian mustard, kimchi, and red onion. Asian mustard provides a sharp bite, the kimchi (pickled cabbage) adds delicious crunch, and red onion adds a sweet twist. Just thinking about it makes our mouths water!

Let’s Visit Germany!

  • Fun Facts: Over 800 currywursts are eaten each year in Germany. It’s basically a sausage served with a spicy sauce, and they can’t get enough of it. There’s even a museum dedicated to it! Additionally, Fanta originated in Germany and was a result of the Second World War, when Coca-Cola stopped being shipped into the country.
  • Get the Taste: Take your cooked Keller hotdog and touch it up with German mustard, sauerkraut, and crushed pretzels. German mustard is a combination of yellow and brown mustard seeds, and it offers a distinct, snappy flavor. The sauerkraut offers a delicious German take on pickled cabbage, and the crushed pretzels contribute salty-sweet pops. You’ll feel like you’re eating in Berlin!

Let’s Visit Spain!

  • Fun Facts: If you ask for a tortilla in Spain, they’ll give a dish of eggs and potatoes. This is a very popular dish that we’re sure you’d find delicious. However, if you want corn/flour tortilla, you should use the word tortita. That will get you what you need!
  • Get the Taste: Top your hot dog with Manchego cheese, pimento cheese spread, and Serrano ham. Manchego cheese comes from sheep in the La Mancha region, and it will add a decadent sharpness. The pimento cheese spread will add creaminess, spices, and the bite of pimentos. Lastly, the Serrano ham will bring the mountainous regions of Spain to your mouth with its intense flavor.

Make sure you have the best hot dog for your home-based international travels. When you shop with Keller Crafted Meats, you are guaranteed world-class meat that has been sustainably and humanely produced. Don’t settle for anything less. Shop our online store today and create international meals your family will love!

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