Take Your Hot Dog Around the World! Part 2

There’s nothing like chowing down on hot dogs at the end of a long summer day. Unfortunately, some people have cut hot dogs out of their diets, though not for good reason! Too often, hot dogs are made of mystery meat that can’t be trusted. Keller Crafted Meats is here to help you introduce hot dogs back into your menu. Our hot dogs are made with sustainable, humanely-raised meat and you will absolutely love the taste!

A little ketchup, mustard, and relish can make a hot dog into a feast. However, if you want to change things up a little, why not bring other countries to your table? In our last blog, we talked about how to garnish your hot dog to taste like somewhere across the globe. Today, we have a few more countries to bring home!

Let’s Visit Greece!

  • Fun Fact: Grecians didn’t consider rich food as a good thing - they loved healthy food. They thought drinking milk was barbaric and only used it to make cheese. They usually ate with their hands and if they were wealthy, they might use bread to clean their hands. Men and women usually ate separately, so family meals weren’t a thing.
  • Get the Taste: Spread tzatziki on the bun and then sprinkle on diced cucumbers and Kalamata olives over the hot dog. Tzatziki is made of yogurt, cucumbers, salt, olive oil, and garlic, so it will add mouth-watering garlicky creaminess. The diced cucumbers will add a refreshing crunch, and the large Kalamata olive chunks will provide the perfect tang. You’ll definitely want seconds!

Let’s Visit Mexico!

  • Fun Fact: Tacos came to America with refugees fleeing the Mexican Revolution in the early 1900s, and if you wanted to buy tortillas in the 1980s, you had to buy them in a can! We wouldn’t have Doritos today if Mexican workers at Disneyland hadn’t fried leftover tortillas and added delicious seasonings. The idea caught on, and today we can chow down on Cool Ranch chips and more. How crazy is that!
  • Get the Taste: Once you have a cooked Keller Crafted-hotdog, spread chipotle mayonnaise on the bun, add Cojita cheese, and sprinkle diced avocados over everything. The mayo will add that perfect Mexican flavor with a creamy finish. Cojita cheese is a hard cheese similar to parmesan that provides the perfect tangy twist. And the avocados will add that unique, creamy flavor only they can bring. Make sure you cook up extra - this one will be popular!

Keeping your family nourished is easy when you have great ingredients. Keller Crafted Meats is dedicated to providing just that with our specialty meats. If you have kiddos, taking your hot dogs to different countries can be a phenomenal way to teach geography. There’s nothing like tasting a culture to make it memorable!

When you buy specialty meats from us, you’re supporting an operation that benefits nature, animals, and humans all at once. Don’t settle for anything less. Explore our wide selection of delicious meats and shop with us today!

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