Take Your Hot Dog Around the World! Part 3

Hot dogs are a quick, delicious way to get protein, and when you know they’re made of actual meat, you can chow down with confidence! At Keller Crafted Meats, we have committed ourselves to producing sustainable, non-GMO meat products, including hot dogs. When you buy our delicious hot dogs, you’ll face a world of possibilities! Are you going to eat them with traditional garnishes? Will you even use a bun?

In our last few blogs, we’ve been sharing ways to bring other countries to your table via condiments. Want to know what a hot dog from Korea would taste like? How about a Greek hot dog? Today, we have a few more countries to explore!

Let’s Visit Sweden!

  • Fun Facts: Swedes enjoy their sweets, but only on Saturdays. Their medical board suggested this so they could preserve their teeth. They also have days dedicated to delicious things, like Cinnamon Bun Day and Waffle Day. Most of their dishes are accompanied by lingonberry jam, but they rarely use it on bread! Lastly, their Right of Public Access allows them to wander the countryside, where the tart lingonberries grow.
  • Get the Taste: Put lingonberry jam along the hot dog, add carmelized onions, and pour on some gravy! The jam’s tartness will compliment the sweetness of the carmelized onions, and the gravy will make everything warm and rich. This is a fantastic way to have a hot dog in the fall or winter!

Let’s Visit Polynesia!

  • Fun Facts: Polynesia covers thousands of islands. Seafood is the common denominator in their cuisine. Depending on location, they will use fruit, coconut, and breadfruit. Men and women used to eat separately, much like the ancient Greeks.
  • Get the Taste: Instead of ketchup and mustard, season your hot dog with hoisin sauce. Sprinkle a combination of pineapple and scallions over the top. The hoisin sauce will add salty-sweet richness that will perfectly combine the meat with the sweet tang of the pineapple and the bite of the scallions. This is perfect for luau-style cookouts in the summer!

Let’s Visit Japan!

  • Fun Facts: Rice is part of pretty much everything you’ll eat in Japan. Just make sure you don’t stick your chopsticks upright in it - they only do that for dead people, and it is hugely insulting if you do it any other time. If you buy bread there, expect to find six slices and no more - it’s just how they do it.
  • Get the Taste: Put wasabi mayonnaise along the hot dog, lay pickled ginger on top, and sprinkle Asian snack mix over everything. The wasabi will provide a creamy sizzle, the ginger will offer a refreshing flavor, and the Asian snack mix will add salt and crunch right where you need it.
When you need hot dogs you can depend on, it’s time to shop with Keller Crafted Meats. Our non-GMO meats are not only delicious, they are humanely and sustainably raised. Learn more about our mission and shop our online store today! We guarantee you’ll be coming back for more!