What Type of Freezer Should I Buy to Store My Meat?

What Type of Freezer Should I Buy to Store My Meat?

At Keller Crafted Meats we put our greatest emphasis on serving top-quality grass fed beef online. We also offer a plethora of other meats as well. Because meat is our game — no pun intended — we want to make sure our customers eat only the best. That means we’re not only interested in sending quality products, we’re also interested in how you’re eating it too.

Our latest posts have been focused on what happens when you have too much meat — not that you could ever have such a thing! So more accurately, what do you do when you have more meat than you possibly consume before it spoils? In the last post, we talked about freezer burn and how to prevent it. This time we’re going to cover freezers themselves.

Our goal with this post is to compare chest and upright freezers to help you make sure you get the most of your Keller Crafted Meats.

Should I Go With a Chest Freezer or an Upright Freezer?

Chest Freezer

Chest freezers are widely considered the more economical of the two models due to:

  • Around 20 percent more usable space than an upright freezer because every inch is usable storage
  • Their design allows them to use less energy and fit object that wouldn’t fit as cleanly in an upright freezer
  • Keeps food cold longer in the case of a power outage

However, there are some distinct disadvantages:

  • Most models to do not contain an auto-defrost feature, which means you could even spend a whole day defrosting your freezer
  • Larger footprint needed to fit your chest freezer

Upright Freezer

Upright freezers are a great option if you’re looking for optimization of space:

  • Smaller footprint, leaving you more valuable space in your house or garage
  • More likely to have a valuable auto-defrost feature
  • Much easier to organize your food with storage bins and adjustable shelving

Some of the disadvantages are:

  • Cost of the unit itself is higher
  • Higher electricity costs to keep it running
  • Less usable storage capacity

While there is no “objective” right or wrong answer per se, there is a right and wrong and wrong answer when it comes to your needs. We hope considering the advantages and disadvantages listed above will help you to make an informed decision when picking up your next meat storage freezer.

Fill Your Freezer with Top-Quality Non-GMO Meat

Keller Crafted Meats is in the business of providing the best grass fed beef online shopping experience. We’ve designed our meat boxes to ensure the varying needs of our customers are fully taken care of. We also allow a great degree of customers with add-ons of gourmet sausage, organic beef jerky, and a bunch of other non-GMO meats.

So whether you plan to eat the entire box right away — or freeze some for later — get started with your subscription today.