What You Need to Know About Cuts of Beef

What You Need to Know About Cuts of Beef

At Keller Crafted Meats we deal a lot with meat. Obviously. As a butchery, we purchase animals directly from family-run farms. Not only do we get the privilege of supporting these farms, but we also know about the meat: where it comes from, how it was fed, and the care and attention that went into the animal. When you order grass fed beef online from us, you can be sure every cut of meat is top quality.

The Different Cuts of Beef

Of course, as a butcher, we get countless questions about meat. One of the most common questions we get is about the different types of cuts of meat. Often when people buy meat from an online subscription service or go to a grocery and the options are presented before them, they just go with what’s familiar.

Now there’s nothing wrong with knowing what you like and sticking with it. However, if you’re afraid to leave your comfort zone simply because you’re afraid to try something new, then we hope this blog post on different cuts of beef will enable you to try something new.

Who knows, maybe you’ll actually find a new favorite. Some of the ones we do here at Keller Crafted Meat can be found below:

Rib Eye

Rib eye is a crowd favorite. As the name suggests, it is taken from the rib portion of the cow. It  is one of the juiciest and most tender cuts of steak and can be identified by its characteristic fat marbling.

When seasoning rib eye steak, you can’t go wrong with simple salt and pepper. This allows the wonderful taste of the beef to shine through. Alton Brown from Food Network has a great way to cook ribeyes that’s sure to please even the harshest critic.

New York

New York strips are taken from the top loin portion of the cow. New York strips are identified by their fat cap. While they aren’t considered as top-tier as a ribeye, they still have a great flavor and are very tender.

Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon is taken from the tenderloin portion of the cow. It’s the most tender cut of steak you can find. However, it tends to have a pretty one-dimensional flavor. Use a bold and flavorful wine-based sauce to get the most out of your filet mignon.

Flat Iron

Flat iron is a lean cut of meat from the shoulder part of the cow, but it’s also well marbled and juicy. It’s widely considered to be one of the best inexpensive cuts. This is great if you’re going to be braising.

In addition, there’s also stew meat which is a leaner cut that makes a great addition to stews or other slow-cooked meals. And, of course, ground beef, which is perfect for making hamburgers.

Order Different Cuts of Beef from Keller Crafted Meats

We hope this guide to the world of beef cuts was beneficial in increasing your confidence to go out there and try new cuts of beef. It always makes us hungry just thinking about it. We are proud to serve both Lost Coast and Prather Ranch beef. Both farms produce some of the best tasting stuff on the market.

Keller Crafted Meats provides our customers with pasture-raised, non-GMO beef that is never treated with antibiotics or hormones. If you’re interested in ordering one of the various cuts of beef we talked about above, you can find them in our online store. Try something new today!