Why Make a Regenerative Beef Hot Dog?

Why Make a Regenerative Beef Hot Dog?

The Story Behind our EOV Regenerative Beef Hot Dog Made with Bone Broth 

In March of 2019, Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, addressed the food makers at Natural Foods Expo West with a challenge to design and produce food in the best way possible - food that supports human health, biodiversity and the environment.

Well, Yvon threw down the gauntlet and I was going to respond. When I started in agriculture in 1997, I knew that we could design and create food that had more
positive outcomes while diminishing external costs to our precious environment.
My career has been one of learning by doing and pioneering uncharted territory
using the tools I had at my disposal all while following my north star dream of a
better food system. When in doubt, I would simply close my eyes, try to feel
Mother Nature and take her lead.

For several years, I had been holding a vision for a regenerative hot dog that was scientifically proven to regenerate the planet, promote biodiversity, utilize the whole animal, fairly compensate progressive farmers, and deeply nourish our bodies all while having a shot to bring some food justice to the table. The hot dog was the ultimate muse to debut this multiple bottom line concept.

The mighty hot dog is synonymous with American melting pot culture, but I also saw the hot dog as a silver bullet for good, the ultimate Trojan horse to ensure our children are getting deep nourishment that they need. Hot dogs also hold mystique – people eat them but are not 100% sure what mystery meat they are consuming. We wanted to turn the tables on this and expose all the goodness that goes into every link.

In June 2021, we launched the first Ecological Outcome Verified (EOV) grown, sugar free, 100% grass fed domestic California raised regenerative beef hot dog that was infused with a nutrient dense bone broth, made with organic seasoning while using organically approved preservation techniques.

I want to invite you to support a regenerative world by giving our little hot dog a try. Please know we built in the real costs of production into this hot dog and when you select our product you are supporting, rural economies, humane treatment of animals, grassland agriculture, organic farming, biodiversity above and below the soil surface, increased water cycling, increased mineral cycling, decreased CO2 by increased organic matter in our soils reducing atmospheric greenhouse gasses and food justice. 


Important Technical Note: Because we create an emulsion in the process of making a hot dog this would allow us to utilize a wide variety of beef cuts which helps us financially support farmers by utilizing the entire animal if needed. This piece of flexibility is key to the design so as to be able to truly be a financial supporter of regenerative farmers and not a part of the commodity food system. 


Through regenerative Beef Cattle Grazing, we can support regenerative farmers who are focused on creating healthy soils. Ruminant animals are the natural tools that harvest grass and accelerate the cycle of soil health. 

Healthy soils: Restore biodiversity Restore natural ecosystem cycles Sequester carbon from the atmosphere 

***If your reaction to beef is that cattle are killing the planet, please find a reputable source of data and get aligned with non-agenda based science. Cattle (and all ruminants) are fascinating as they are part of an incredible transformation of sunlight to complex plant life then upcycled through the marvel of the rumen to nutrient dense protein.