Why We Choose Grass Fed and Grass Finished Beef

Grass Fed Prime Rib - Standing Rib Roast

Last night as my mind drifted to our December holidays, I started dreaming about our family meal. I love smoking meats, and after a one sentence conversation with my wife, I knew I was going to be smoking a grass-finished beef Standing Rib Roast, also commonly known as a Prime Rib.

This year we partnered with Cory Carman and Carman Ranch (Wallowa, OR) for our Standing Rib Roasts and Beef Tenderloin Roasts. These holiday centerpieces do not disappoint. We find that the Carman Ranch grass finished beef flavor as mild, beefy and simply delicious. We know that the cattle are being grown in a way that benefits our planet, nourishes our bodies, dignifies the livestock and supports the rural economies of our western region.

It’s important to note that not all grass fed beef is finished with the nuance and expertise that Carman Ranch exhibits. With “grass fed beef” being a buzzword and in demand fresh 52 weeks a year, some grass fed beef is finished on a grass fed compliant diet, but it is done in a feedlot using feedlot production techniques. The feedlot approach is all about consistency of nutrition and that is the major variable in an ever changing pasture setting. The difference between the typical grain feedlot and the grass fed feedlot is the substitution of grains for “grass fed” compliant finishing rations such as grass pellets, hay, and other non grain by-prod- ucts. While this system produces “grass fed beef” that is legal to label as grass fed, it is not part of the system that will take human- ity to the next level. At Keller Crafted we are 100% focused on the improvement and evolution of our food system.

Cory Carman at Carman Ranch is completely trusted in this new wave of regenerative farming that is highly associated with how the environment normally expresses itself with soil type, temperature, precipitation etc. This type of grass farming takes a lot of knowledge, execution and commitment. Grass finished beef is a lot more than turning cattle out on range. It's all about the intensive management that allows the cattle to eat nutrient balanced forages while being a benefit to the ecosystem functions.

I am not a fan of throwing mud or casting blame at the feedlot system. All of our progress and experience got us to this point and now we get to ask the question, “What are we going to do about it?”


Economics will change our system faster than any governmental policy – we get to vote for change every time we buy food. What system do we want to support? We get to choose what system gets funded that day.

At Keller Crafted we are going to support the grass finishing operations who are brave and talented enough to pioneer this process of building a better food system.

You are our tribe members and your choices to support sustainability and regenerative food systems make a real difference. Thank you for choosing to vote for positive change by choosing life affirming foods.

Grass fed Standing Rib Roast - Prime Rib Roast