Why You Should Consider the Paleo Diet - Part 1

Chances are good you’ve at least heard of the Paleo diet. It has experienced a surge of popularity that is still increasing right now. If you aren’t sure what the Paleo diet is, it takes your meals back to times when processed foods, dairy, and grains weren’t even a concept. You eat like an early human, which means meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables. We would like to be your source of meat!

Like any diet, the Paleo diet has its pros and cons. However, it brings some of the best benefits we’ve seen. In the next few blogs, we are going to review the reasons you should consider the Paleo diet!

Minimize Fat Cell Size

Did you know that everyone has the same fat cells - some people’s cells are just bigger than others? Your fat cells have the wonderful ability to grow and shrink depending on what you eat. The only way to keep them small is to feed yourself healthy fats and reduce your carb intake. The healthy fats will keep the cells compact, and you’ll enjoy the energy they provide you.

Keep All Your Cells Healthy

Your cells need saturated and unsaturated fats in order to send messages. We’re talking omega-3 fatty acids, which are instrumental to brain function, development, and growth. The Paleo diet encourages intake of both types of fat, which sets it apart from other diets that try to limit one or the other.

Boost Your Brain

We mentioned omega-3 fatty acids already, but we’re going to talk about them again because they are so incredibly important. The Paleo diet gets a lot of its protein and fat from cold water fish. Fish meat is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which are hugely lacking in the average American’s diet. These acids boost your eyes, heart, and brain. Make sure you get some!

Reduce Your Risk for Disease

The Paleo diet does a great job of avoiding harmful foods. It isn’t a perfect system, but by cutting out processed foods, the Paleo diet can protect you from many food-based health issues. Many diets will encourage you to cut out processed foods anyway; the Paleo diet takes it all the way. By adhering to this diet, you get the most benefits for your effort.

Get More Muscle and Less Fat

The Paleo diet features meat that is rich with anabolic proteins. These proteins are used to build muscle mass. Increased muscle mass leads to better metabolism, because the more muscles you have, the more energy you need to move them. The Paleo diet encourages your body to send energy to your muscle cells to be used rather than to fat cells to be stored.

When it comes to what you eat, you have to decide what is best for you. There are many different options out there, but the Paleo diet is a powerful choice. Our specialty meats make a perfect addition to any Paleo diet by providing delicious flavor, high quality, and uncompromised ethics. We are America’s first sustainable organic charcuterie, and our decadent meats are instant favorites to everyone who tries them. Shop today!

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