Why You Should Consider the Paleo Diet - Part 3

Even when you think you’re getting healthy food, it’s hard to know if that’s really true. Our food industry left its roots far behind, and at Keller Crafted Meats, we are working hard to show that it’s possible to get back to the wholesome, sustainable food that truly nourishes us. We are doing this by raising ethical, sustainable meat products.

Planning meals is easier when you have a healthy diet plan like the Paleo diet. In our last blog, we discussed some of the benefits of cutting out grains and dairy and eating like ancient people used to eat. In today’s blog, we have five last benefits to share with you.

Get All Your Needed Vitamins and Minerals

When you put all the vegetables together, they offer a wide array of nutrients. The Paleo diet suggests eating a rainbow, and this is a great rule to follow. Different vegetables are available at different times of the year, so take full advantage of whatever is available and give your body the delicious nutrients it needs!

Absorb Healthy Foods Better

The foods included in the Paleo diet have been digested by humans for thousands of years. That means all Paleo foods are likely to agree with you. Do you have digestive troubles? The Paleo diet is a likely solution - definitely worth trying for 30 days to see what happens. Our affordable, delicious meat products are perfect for a Paleo diet trial!

Limit Your Fructose Intake

Did you know that your body digests fructose differently than other types of carbs? Lots of fructose can lead to obesity, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. As a result, the Paleo diet strategically chooses specific fruits that are the best for you. For instance, a kiwi offers huge amounts of vitamin C. Check the diet out to learn more!

Reduce Inflammation

Research shows that inflammation contributes the most to cardiovascular disease. Grains and man-made food cause inflammation, so the Paleo diet is a great solution. Omega-3 fatty acids actually prevent inflammation, and the Paleo diet is made to deliver Omega 3s in spades. If you choose to try the Paleo diet, make sure you invest in grass-fed beef online with us. Pasture-raised meat features a great balance of fatty acids - that’s part of why we raise it that way!

Fewer Allergies

Keeping food allergies at bay is easier with the Paleo diet, which avoids foods that many people have allergies to, like dairy and grains. The good thing about the Paleo diet is, if you want to have grains in your version of it, you can. Milk is also acceptable when it’s raw - it can actually help prevent asthma!

Despite the complexity of the food industry, keeping yourself healthy is easier when you invest in high-quality meat products from Keller Crafted Meats. We have worked hard for years to create a sustainable system where we can benefit the environment, the animals, and ourselves. There’s no reason we all can’t win. Shop our online store today!