Grass-fed Steaks, Grass-fed Top Sirloin, 3 Sirloin tip steaks ready to cook
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Grass-fed Sirloin Tip Steaks

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We cut and package 2 or 3 sirloin tip steaks per package. This lean and versatile steak can be prepared in almost any fashion.

Boneless and lean, this wonderful everyday steak is best prepared with a tenderizing marinade before grilling. Due to its lean nature, prepare and serve rare to medium-rare cooking levels. Excellent for stir-fry or making homemade jerky.

SIZE: 2-3 steaks, around 9 oz total



  • Grill
  • Roast/ Bake
  • Pan-Broil
  • Braise/ Pot Roast
  • Broil

INGREDIENTS: 100% Grass-fed and Finished Beef


We offer this cut from two incredible farms, Carman Ranch and Humboldt Grassfed. You can't go wrong with any choice! Both are 100% grass-fed and finished beef with culinary quality flavor produced from farms backing regenerative agriculture. Please note we may need to swap your farm choice from time to time due to availability.


Grass-fed & Grass-finished, Slow Grown

Carman Ranch is not simply raising delicious grass-fed & finished beef, they are focused on building soil, rural economic, and human health through scaled and organized regenerative agriculture.