Non-GMO Bacon & Ham

KCM Handmade Non-GMO Project Verified Bacons

Our bacons are beautifully, naturally marbled, and are seasoned and smoked in small batches. All of our bacons are uncured - which means we use celery juice and salt as a preservative instead of synthetic sodium nitrate. The result is a healthier, more wholesome bacon that tastes unbelievably fresh. Order your favorite today!

Maple and Rustic Bacon available (12 oz package)

 KCM Signature Non-GMO Project Verified Hams 

Our hams are brined with organic maple syrup and crafted by hand for the perfect caramel flavor. They are salty, smoky and delicious - and feature the unique taste of KCM humanely raised, Non-GMO Project Verified pork. Learn more about our animals here. Order Non-GMO ham and celebrate sustainability!

Half Hams (approx. 4 lbs.each) and Whole Hams (approx. 8 lbs.each) available

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Our non GMO and sugar free bacon options are a staple for our customers who want to eat healthy in an environmentally green way. No sugar bacon provides an extra healthy benefit, and you can rest easy knowing our animals were not raised inhumanely.

All of our products are Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free, in addition we offer a variety of Sugar-Free products.