Non-GMO Bacon & Ham

KCM Handmade Non-GMO Project Verified Bacons

Our bacons are beautifully, naturally marbled, and are seasoned and smoked in small batches. All of our bacons are uncured - which means we use celery juice and salt as a preservative instead of synthetic sodium nitrate. The result is a healthier, more wholesome bacon that tastes unbelievably fresh. Order your favorite today!

Sugar Free Rustic Bacon and Maple Bacon available (12 oz package)

 KCM Signature Non-GMO Project Verified Hams 

Our hams are brined with organic maple syrup and crafted by hand for the perfect caramel flavor. They are salty, smoky and delicious - and feature the unique taste of KCM humanely raised, Non-GMO Project Verified pork. Learn more about our animals here. Order Non-GMO ham and celebrate sustainability!

Sugar Free Rustic Half Ham and Maple Half Ham (approx. 4 lbs.each) available

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Our Non-GMO and sugar free products are a staple for many of our customers.

All of our products are Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free, in addition we offer a variety of Sugar-Free products.

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