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The Heavy Farm Lifter Box

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This ground meat box contains 6 packs of grass-fed ground beef, 4 packs of heritage ground pork, 4 packs of non-gmo ground chicken and 4 packs of pasture grazed ground turkey. That's about 68 servings for about $2 per serving. Our true ultimate value box with over 22% in savings. This box may change seasonally.

This box is heavily supported by our incredible regenerative, grass-fed ground beef. We call this the farm lifter box because there is perhaps nothing more impactful we can do to support regenerative farmers than to commit to purchasing their ground meats. When you purchase EOV (Ecological Outcome Verified by Land to Market, Savory Global) meats, you are voting to reverse climate change, increase biodiversity, and enhance natural ecosystem functions. (And you are enjoying some of the best quality, highest nutrient-dense beef on the market!)

  • 6 lb of Ground Beef (Verified regenerative, grass-fed and grass-finished) 
  • 4 lb of Heritage Ground Pork (no corn, no soy, Non-GMO)
  • 4 lb of Ground Chicken (Non-GMO, Gap 3, Free Range)
  • 3 lb of Ground Turkey (Pasture Grazed, Pasture Raised)


  • Over 22% Total Savings (Save $40)!


We are proud to offer regenerative ground beef from Richards Regenerative (Formally Richards Grassfed). The Richards Grassfed beef is a truly delicious offering grown in northern California on a 5th generation family farm. The beef is 100% grass-finished and has been proven to regenerate our environment and restore our ecological systems with scientific data collected over the years.

Our incredible heritage ground pork is from Klingeman Family Farm. Klingeman Farm is a family-operated farm that produces progressive, high culinary quality pork that is non-GMO project verified. A very rare offering, these heritage hogs are never fed corn or soybean and the farming practices are verified sustainable by the Food Alliance.

Taste the difference of pasture-grazed ground turkey! It's made from a mixture of thigh and breast for incredible flavor while staying lean. The Ferndale Farm is a 3rd generation operation that understands flock husbandry, ecosystem function and produces slow-growing turkeys in a true pasture rotation, yielding turkeys with robust immune systems without any antibiotics. 

We made incredibly flavorful non-GMO, free range ground chicken from Pitman Family Farms using leg meat. Verified non-GMO, Animal Welfare Certified Gap 3, and is truly delicious. Pitman Family Farms is a family owned farming operation that has been raising poultry for three generations. 

Please note: Savings and box contents will shift over time based on what is supporting our farmers the most, but you will be notified prior to your shipment if it has changed.

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