Pasture-raised Brined Spatchcock Chicken

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These spatchcock prepared chicken are brined using our favorite house brine made of water, sea salt and organic coconut sugar (this is a low glycemic index sugar used to simply balance the salt note not intended to sweeten). This brining step gets you one step closer to a moist and tender chicken meal.

Spatchcock prepared chicken cooks more quickly and evenly in a wide varieties of cooking methods. We spatchcock the chicken for you and brine it. You can season the skin if you like. Our brine is not uber saline, it just supports the natural chicken flavor. Season the skin with a fun rub if you like or just defrost slowly in the fridge or in a bowl of cold water, open the package and get to cooking.

We love the leftovers for cold chicken the next day.

What is Spatchcock?

The spatchcock process is the complete removal of the backbone and then we notch the breast bone so the chicken will lay perfectly flat.

Extra great option for the summer time grill or roast it like a whole bird with a reduced cooking time.

Why Do We Offer a Couple Weight Classes?

Our birds are grown on pasture and therefore we have more variation in bird sizes. Please select from one of our weight categories.

Ingredients: Chicken. Water, Sea Salt, Organic Coconut Sugar

Cooking Methods:

  • Grill
  • Roast
  • Broil
  • Smoke
  • Sous Vide

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Pasture Bird Chicken

Murrieta, CA

I met Paul a few years back. We clicked really quickly as we both have thought deeply about true pasture poultry production on year round basis.

Paul is a guy that saw a problem and created a solution. He innovated and connected dots. The result is one of the most organized pasture based poultry models that has scaled in production.

It is this kind of energy that pushes our food system from one to the next.

We salute the Paturebird in their vision and execution.

Pastured Poultry = chickens that live outside in a natural habitat (on grass, in the fresh air and sunshine with plenty of space to roam and forage).

By rotating the chickens to fresh pasture every single day, Pasturebird chicken is not only healthy and delicious but also goes beyond sustainability to rebuild healthy, regenerative soils and grasslands.

The differences between our chicken and conventional/industrial raised chicken are numerous. We use the term “Always Outside” to note the fact that our chickens don’t just have ambiguous “access to the outdoors”, but actually live outside on pasture 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our birds use their beaks and talons to peck and scratch for bugs, worms, grasses, seeds, and more. Instead of using antibiotics to fight disease within the flock, we use a healthy environment of pasture, sunshine, fresh air, and space to prevent sickness and provide our animals with a functioning immune system. Instead of marketing vegetarian-fed chicken (chickens are not vegetarians), we want our chickens to eat as many bugs and worms as possible. And instead of hiding our farm from the public, we know that our best marketing is transparency, so we regularly open the ranch for tours and events.

The result? Real chicken. We could call it pasture-raised, free range, cage-free, local, beyond organic, humane, biodynamic, sustainable, regenerative, and more. But 100 years ago, it was just called chicken. Let’s rewind poultry production back a century and experience the rich flavor that can only come from chickens that live outside on pasture.