Turmeric Yogurt Marinated Pasture Turkey Stir Fry
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Turmeric Yogurt Marinated Pasture Turkey Stir Fry

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We hand slice and marinate pasture-grazed turkey in small batches to make quick and easy meal starter kits. In this batch, we made an extremely tasty and healthy marinade including greek yogurt, turmeric and garlic. It's packed with flavor and nutrients. Cook on medium high heat with some of your favorite vegetables. Tip: It pairs extremely well with some tzatziki sauce!

We partnered with Ferndale Farm, a 3rd generation family farm, to develop a special pasture-grazed program using rotational grazing management. The result? Pasture-grazed, certified antibiotic-free, free-range (excluding winter flocks), and delicious naturally processed turkey.

SIZE: 12 oz.



  • Stir fry
  • Pan fry / Skillet

INGREDIENTS: Pasture-grazed turkey, Greek yogurt (pasteurized grade A non-fat milk, live and active cultures), olive oil, turmeric, citric acid, garlic, and sea salt. Contains up to 30% marinade.

ALLERGENS: Yogurt / Dairy