Our Company

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Charcuterie is the art, craft and science of salting, smoking and curing meats.

Redefining The Craft

Keller Crafted is the first Non-GMO Project Verified charcuterie company in the United States. Our artisan, non-GMO meat products are hand-crafted sourcing meat only from animals that are humanely raised and harvested. These animals are never given antibiotics or hormones. We only use organically approved meat preservation techniques. 100% of the Pork we use comes from one Family Farm and is Certified Sustainable by the Food Alliance and Non-GMO Project Verified. 

At Keller Crafted, we aim to delight and nourish customers with thoroughly delicious American charcuterie we handcraft using Old World methods and American resources.

Our delicious, humanely-raised meat products, made only in small batches, respect nature by combining humanely and sustainably raised antibiotic-free meats with the finest quality herbs and seasonings.

Over the last decade, Mark Keller has worked in charcuterie kitchens, supporting small scale farmers and ranchers by creating fine American charcuterie items that help these farmers and ranchers use the entire animal they raised. We are very pleased to offer our delicious products directly to the public, for a tastier and more responsible future.


Our Mission

At Keller Crafted, we strive to:

- Handcraft remarkable products that honor the animal, respect nature and nourish human beings so we can all eat with understanding.

- Pioneer processing and marketing high-quality, humanely raised and sustainably farmed animals.

- Support the health and well-being of the people, animals and landscapes that we touch.

- Infuse our artisan meats with heart, soul and passion for our products, our farming, and our food philosophies.

- Make wise choices by always taking the long view.  We want to do our part in making a better, healthier world.



When we say “sustainable” at Keller Crafted, we are talking about how the Farmer Partners we work with are treating the land, soil, animals and plants with respect and leaving our world a better place than we found it.

Our Farmer Partners fertilize naturally, not polluting the land with artificial and toxic chemicals; use seeds that are naturally formed in the cycle of crop rearing, not created in a laboratory. They treat the animals in a humane and caring way, and, when the time comes, they harvest them carefully and with respect and utilize the whole carcass to produce a beautiful product.

Sustainability means avoiding waste, keeping a low carbon profile wherever possible; we mean using quality and natural ingredients, and we mean passing these lessons onto all of our children. We really mean it and we mean to earn your trust.

What is KCM's commitment to the environment?

We are committed to practices which honor the animal, the land where it lives, and the farmers who raise it. Take away any of these elements, and you have an equation which doesn't work. It will produce poor product, destroy the land for future generations, and "not pencil" so small farms will close, leaving only the mass producers. Only by consciously striving for balance and improvement can we say that we are truly doing our best.

Mark Keller, founder of Keller Crafted Meats, has a background in Holistic Resource Management - which facilitates the realization of a life of enduring returns for the land and all who depend on it. Through careful study, foresight and understanding, it is possible to enhance balance and symbiosis, using crop management and livestock to improve the health of the land and vice versa.  In a nutshell, it's about working with nature and not against it - loving the earth.

Mark's personal ethic is to follow responsible decision making - which may delay our own personal gratification.  It's not just about the moment we now live in, it's about creating a future that is as good or better than what we have now.  We are hoping to demonstrate that this belief and practice produces a highly superior product.  It might even change your idea of how things are "supposed" to taste!

Please join us in our mission.  And above all, enjoy.