Custom Processing

Keller Crafted provides custom wholesale processing. We have a full line of excellent and unique specialty meats, or we can help you create a new product for your store, restaurant or distributorship, using our or your livestock.

If you're looking for a sustainable meat solution for your business needs, our wholesale options may be right for you. Our GMO free foods attract a dedicated group of health minded customers. We can help any company stock and prepare natural meat as part of their daily routine.

To create a new product:

  • The process typically begins by working with farmers to develop whole carcass utilization solutions.  By honoring the animal and using every part, we honor the earth as a whole. This is our specialty and background - use us as a resource!
  • We then move to the test kitchen to develop signature flavors - something that will be a unique, quality addition to your product line or menu. We'll make family recipes or a new kind of andouille - it's all up to you. The customer retains all rights to and ownership of the proprietary formula - KCM signs a non-disclosure agreement forbidding it to produce or share the customer’s formulation without prior approval.
  • We will use local and regional sources for fresh produce and organic spices, working with you at every stage of testing and development.
  • After success in the test kitchen, KCM will do the nutritional analysis and ramp up production - creating, packaging, and shipping your final natural meat product.
  • We don't process uninspected meats or state-inspected meats.
  • We are looking for production partners that are interested in a medium-to-long term partnership. We can be a valuable link in your chain.  

If you are interested in placing a wholesale order or for any custom processing, please call our office at (888) 232-9825, or use the contact form to send an email.

Happy farming!