Get to Know Us

Cover crop planted by Keller Crafted in 2016 to rehabilitate soil health

We are an impact driven, farm-direct meat company on a mission:

To create and sustain a farm-direct food chain that supports progressive farmers, regenerates the land, honors the animal, and nourishes our bodies.

We connect progressive regional farmers and consumers who seek wellness, reverence, honesty, and quality in their food source.

Stewardship of the Earth

Climate change and the degradation of our soil worldwide are two of the most critical challenges we face today. The mass production of food in ways that put profit ahead of people, animals, and the planet is a big part of the problem. At Keller Crafted, everything we do is rooted in being part of the solution.

The processes involved in creating and eating food are mind-blowingly intricate - just think, there are more microbes in a handful of healthy soil than there are human beings on earth. If done right, raising livestock can actually repair the soil, foster plant growth, and upcycle thriving plant matter into high quality meat.

Curious to see some hard data? Please DOWNLOAD this groundbreaking Carbon Footprint Evaluation from White Oaks Pastures.

Keller Crafted sources our products from farmers who care for the soil and ecosystem. As part of this effort, we work closely with partners like Savory Institute’s Ecological Outcome Verified to support and validate the work of our ranchers. In fact, all of our ranchers are on the cutting edge of the regenerative space, like Richards Grassfed Beef, who was the first Ecological Outcome Verified land steward in the western region. This outcomes-based certification is a first-in-class data-backed system proving that the soil, ecosystem functions, and biodiversity are being enhanced on the farms that earn verification.

At last, our land has a voice.

Nourishment for All

The “western food-pyramid diet” is not working. We’ve been conditioned to view food as a limitless commodity, disconnected from its natural source—processed, price-shopped, and colorfully packaged. However, we are increasingly coming to understand that cheap food comes at a high cost: stripping our land, underpaying our farmers, mistreating our animals, and harming our bodies.

Keller Crafted sources meats that are grown in alignment with Mother Nature’s template, free of toxins, additives, antibiotics, GMO’s, glyphosate, and other crutches and shortcuts.

Because of our broken food system, our collective health is suffering and now, more than ever, it’s imperative to start giving back more than we take. As we continue to learn new ways and methods to provide food options that are clean and healthy, we must support those that are bringing these foods to the table.

Fairness for Farmers

In the United States, the majority of farming is an extractive, commercialized process that prioritizes product yields today over quality food grown responsibly for generations to come. It is time that we turn the tables and start rewarding farmers who are doing the right thing in terms of clean nutrition, environmental stewardship, and the humane treatment of animals.

Keller Crafted stands alongside our farming partners, as they use regenerative farming practices to heal the land, sequester carbon, and raise healthy animals – which, in turn, yield naturally nutritious, delicious meat.

Meet your farmers. 

We support our farm partners with year-round demand at fair prices, recognizing the high-touch hard work that goes into raising their animals. Partnering with a group of independent regional farms allows us to build meaningful scale that keeps our products as resourceful and accessible as possible

Keller Crafted works with farmers to set the cost of each animal – by not following the commercial market rate, Keller prioritizes paying farmers what they need, rather than asking them to take a loss in a race for the bottom. All farmers, and especially those taking on the additional work of renewing our farmland, should be encouraged and compensated fairly.

We partner with some incredibly dedicated farmers—tested, vetted and trusted over the years. Each one of them shares our steadfast commitment to always doing the right thing, and then some.