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January, February  · 2017

Start Right – End Right: One of a Kind Pork

 A foundational belief of ours is that you have the right to know what you are eating, a responsibility to Eat With Understanding. When you buy our pork products, namely our hams, bacons and sausages, we want you to know more than the breed of hog and where it was raised, we also want you to know how it was handled, and what it was fed. That last part is one of the least transparent elements of the pork industry and one of the main reasons we’ve partnered with Klingeman Family since 2008 to provide pork for our products.

The Klingeman Family sets the standard for sustainable, delicious pork and are both Food Alliance and Non-GMO Project Verified. We love their pigs for their explosive flavor and incredible mouthfeel. The key to the pigs’ superior fat, flavor, and performance is diet and generations of genetic selection. The pigs are raised on fine, locally grown Non-GMO European small grains including wheat, barley, triticale, flax and field peas and are 100% corn and soy-free. The Klingeman Family mills all of their feed onsite at their farm for complete quality control and transparency.  Their pigs come from a long line of Berkshire/ Duroc/ Landrace/ Chester White/ Yorkshire crosses. 

This carefully controlled diet helps keep the animals in peak condition, which reduces their stress, and allows the animals to thrive and fully express their genetic potential.  When an animal is thriving, it eliminates the need for the kind of pharmaceuticals which are common in the conventional pork industry.

In agriculture, particularly with animals, every single input will have an effect on the nutrition and flavor of the product. Feed is one of the most significant inputs and directly affects the animal’s health and the quality of its meat. By choosing to carefully source Non-GMO, no-corn, no-soy feed and milling it on their own, Klingeman Family Farms is improving our meats in a fundamental way.

As a conscious consumer, you have the power to ask and the right to know what the animals that become your family’s meals are being fed.  Please exercise your power by asking any retailer that sells you pork if they know not only what the pigs were fed, if they were fed corn or soy but where the feed came from and if it is GMO-free.

This brighter, more transparent path also has major environmental consequences. By supporting farmers like the Klingeman Family who run a one-of –a-kind ranch, we are creating a demand that influences the economics of a system that is traditionally invisible to consumers.