Our Mission

Create and sustain a farm-direct food chain that supports progressive farmers, regenerates the land, honors the animal, and nourishes our bodies.

About Us

We are an impact-driven meat company that wants to change what it means to eat good food. We believe in the idea of an interconnected food system, where you are connected to the farmers that supply your food.

Progressive Practices

We work with progressive farmers who are committed to animal welfare and protecting the environment.


We are committed to creating transparent and long-term relationships with our farmers and you, our customers.


We are obsessed with creating the highest culinary quality you can buy. Thanks to our amazing farmers, we have access to some of the best meat you can buy.

Meet Mark

Mark and his wife Vicky started Keller Crafted in 2001 with the belief that we could make the world better through how we farm, how we eat, and how we support one another.

Our Practices

We are Farm Direct. We connect you to your Farmer.

When we think about a relationship with farmers, we look for several key things:

How does the farmer see their role? Are they part of building something up for future generations or extracting for profit today?
We look at how their farming model is set up. Are they in a hurry or do they invest in doing the right thing – taking the slower but correct path? Conventional farming and the commodity industry is built on a framework of efficiency not quality, value, and the environmental. Are they willing to continually evolve as farmers to improve in their approach?
Are they obsessed with consistent quality? We are. For us, quality is not only the taste and texture, but also the spectrum of nutrients passed from the earth to you our partners.

Grass-fed Beef

Our beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished (no corn, soy or any grains ever). Cattle are never treated with any antibiotics ever or administered hormones, never confined to a feedlot, grown slowly.

Pasture-raised Chicken

Our chickens are raised outdoors with access to real pasture. They’re not only healthy and delicious but also beyond sustainable rebuilding healthy, regenerative soils and grasslands. No antibiotics ever, grown slowly.

Pasture-grazed Turkey

Our turkey comes from hybrid growing operations, both pasture-grazed and progressively free-range. Pasture-grazed turkeys live in a rotational grazing system with lush fresh pasture every week. Fed a diet of locally milled grains with added probiotics for gut health. No antibiotics ever, grown slowly.

Heritage Breed Pork

Our pork comes from slower growing heritage bloodlines that have been selected for old world quality. Our pork is raised on a diet free of corn and soy – the feed and the pork are Non-GMO Project Verified. No antibiotics ever. The Food Alliance certifies the farm with its holistic farm audit certifying its sustainable, humane and fair farm worker practices.

Grass-fed Lamb

Our lamb is grass-fed and finished. The lambs can mature for an unbelievable quality. The lambs are a key piece of an integrated regenerative agricultural model where the lamb glen fields and while adding fertility naturally. No antibiotics ever. The lambs are certified humane.

Our Meat Cutting and Charcuterie

Our approach is straight forward. Part craft, part passion. Our products are crafted by hand by seasoned experts, most of them with 20-30 years of experience. We developed our style from the European classical approaches. Over time, we've learned and innovated, making each batch better than the last. Our goal is to create great tasting products that help support our farmers use the entire animal, profitability. We buy certified organic spices and our preservation techniques are organic compliant.

"This is what gets me
out of bed at 4am every morning and it’s what drives every decision we make at Keller Crafted."

Mark Keller

We are obsessed with creating the highest culinary quality you can buy. Because of our decades long relationships, we have access to the highest quality meat, vetted in culinary circles. We bring it to you in its pure and simple form, or combined with only the highest quality ingredients.

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