Our Meat

KCM Farmer Partner Standards

  • Animals are never given antibiotics or hormones, ever.
  • Animals are humanely raised and harvested — ethical beef and meat products
  • The livestock is source verified which means all of the livestock is born and raised by one of the KCM single source farmer partners.

Food Alliance Certified

100% of the pork used in KCM products comes from one certified organic farm, home to Mark Keller’s herd of heritage breed Large Black Pigs. This farm is certified sustainable by the Food Alliance. The hogs are raised in an outdoor environment and are never confined in any way. These are happy pigs!


Non-GMO Verified

Our pork is Non-GMO Project Verified.  The swine ration is free of soy bean and corn, which are two of the most genetically modified crops. We are proud to offer non-GMO meats for your family.



Large Black Pigs

Large Black Pigs (originally known as Lop Eared Black) are a heritage breed native to Western England and Wales. They have always been valued for their excellent flavor, and they are also one of the largest breeds, with a very gentle and kind disposition. What makes the meat so exceptional is that they are foragers - they graze in pastures, not indoor troughs - and this results in a superior, naturally flavorful product.

The breed was most popular in the 1920’s, but became nearly extinct in the 1960’s when large producers determined that pasture grazing was simply too expensive and the Large Blacks took too long to mature. Commercial farmers switched to breeds that would grow quickly indoors, choosing quantity over quality. As people have started to value sustainable farming and livestock that is naturally pasture-raised, this breed is once again on the rise. KCM is proud to be a part of this effort.

To this day, the Large Black is one of the rarest British breeds, and they are on list of endangered livestock. (Please see American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, www.albc-usa.org). KCM knows that these are exceptional animals that yield the best humanely raised meat, and are well worth the wait.

Enjoy free-range meat when you shop with us today!