Our Way

Our way is simple: do the right thing for our customers, for the farmers, for the animals, and for this environment that sustains us all. That's why we're in the business of grass-fed, ethical, non-GMO, and organic meat products.

We all have a footprint on this planet, and we recognize that those of us that choose to eat meat and dairy products leave a bigger mark. Our mission is to minimize that impact, socially, environmentally and ethically, while maximizing the nutritional benefit from every ounce. That is why we work with family farms like; Anderson Ranches, J Russ Ranch, Mora Ranch, Klingeman Farm, Pasture Bird, Prather Ranch and Ferndale Farms, that have been adhering to the most progressive standards in the country, not because it’s a new trend, but because it’s always been the right thing to do.

Here are just a few of the standards and principles behind our products:

  • Non-GMO pork
  • Pasture raised, grass finished, ehtical Beef
  • Pasture raised Lamb and Poultry
  • Corn & soy free pork
  • Humane animal husbandry
  • Whole Animal Utilization
  • Long-term relationships with principled family farms
  • Naturally cured charcuterie using celery, salt & smoke – never synthetic chemicals or water binders
  • Organic spices & minimal ingredients
  • Sugar Free Offerings
  • Michelin rated restaurant quality

Certifications and standards are helpful; they provide a baseline and quick handle for understanding the principles that guide us. However, certifications can’t account for every step in the process and every decision that’s made. They can’t speak to the attention to detail we obsess over, or the deep reverence we feel towards the animals and the farmers that care for them. That level of trust and accountability can only be proven to you through our every action over the course of months and years, through ever meal shared and bite enjoyed.

We welcome that challenge and thank you for giving us the opportunity to feed you and your family and for your contribution to transforming our food ecosystem.