Welcome to Keller Crafted

All of us at Prather Ranch Meat Co. want to take a moment to thank you for your support over the years. It takes a whole community to build a better food ecosystem and we are proud to be a part of this movement and honored to play a role in the moments you’ve created with friends and family around the dinner table. 

We have decided the best path forward for this delivery service is for Mark Keller and his team at Keller Crafted to own and operate it going forward. Mark served as Prather Ranch Meat Co’s CEO for 3 years and led the creation of the Meat Club. Mark and his team have a real passion for creating the hand-crafted charcuterie and curating the highest quality meats sourced from our regional food shed. So expect to experience only ever improving standards, product offerings and service.

We’ve asked Mark to share a bit more about Keller Crafted:

We have always been honored to work with the Prather Ranch Meat Company team, because we share a common vision for a better food system. One that’s conscientious and honorable, accounting for the health and wellbeing of our customers, the rural farming communities producing these beautiful products, the livestock, wildlife, soil and natural landscapes involved. We all have a footprint on this planet, and we recognize omnivores have a larger one than others. Our mission is to minimize that impact, socially, environmentally and ethically, while maximizing the nutritional benefit. This is why we work with family farms that have been adhering to the most progressive standards in the country, not because it’s a new trend, but because it’s always been the right thing to do.  

Rest assured, one thing that will never change is our commitment to a more sustainable and humane food ecosystem, one that provides you with the best tasting, purest and most nutritious, humanely raised poultry, lamb, pork and beef.



Mark Keller, Founder & President          Doug Stonebreaker, Founder & President
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