Looking to add Keller Crafted to your shop? Since 2001, we've been working with likeminded partners looking to change what it means to eat good food! We partner with progressive farmers who are committed to animal welfare and protecting the environment. Based on your needs, we have the ability to be very customizable to your business.

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Wholesale Custom Meat Processing and Wholesale Meat Private Label

Custom Processing / Private Label production

We provide in-house wholesale & retail packaging customized to your needs.

Wholesale Bacon and ham

Bacon & Deli Meats

We craft our bacon and deli meats simply, using just a few high-quality organic and non-GMO ingredients and a minimal amount of sugar or no sugar at all, so the great taste of our ultra-premium quality meat can shine through.     

Wholesale Meat and Food Services

Retail & Food Service

Our USDA inspected processing facility and butchery is run by dedicated craftsman that have decades of experience in trimming, carving, portioning and packaging for delivery any meat product you are looking for.

Wholesale Hot Dogs and Sausages

Fully Cooked Smoked / Poached Sausages & Hot Dogs

In house signature recipe. Natural smoke, organic ingredients. Never any antibiotics. No nitrates or nitrites added. Fully cooked - ready to heat & eat. Uncured all-beef hot dogs made with grass-fed and finished beef. Sugar free. Heritage pork sausages. Made with corn and soy free non-GMO, Food Alliance certified pork. We even make some incredible chicken sausages.

Wholesale Marinated Meats

Marinated, tumbled, and seasoned

We make our own marinades and seasonings. Bulk & retail packaged. Flavors like chimichurri, citrus garlic herb, ancho lime, black garlic, turmeric yogurt, garlic and thyme and more. Looking for a new flavor profile? We are happy to create one with you.

Wholesale Meal Kit Assembly

Custom Meal Kit Assembly

We can make it easier for you and the team by doing the prep work.

Keller Crafted MEATS


- Hybrid delivery box truck (sac to bay area)

- USDA inspected processed meats and poultry

- Custom production full service meat and poultry cutting

- Custom raw and fully cooked charcuterie

- Food Service Packaged / Retail Net Packaged

- We source the proteins direct from our amazing farmers

Categories of Meat

Wholesale Pork, No Corn, No Soy, Heritage Pork

No Corn, No Soy Heritage Pork

Our pork comes from slower growing heritage bloodlines - old world quality. Our pork is raised on a diet free of corn and soy – the feed and the pork are Non-GMO Project Verified. No antibiotics ever. The Food Alliance certifies the farm with its holistic farm audit certifying its sustainable, humane practices.

Wholesale Berkshire Pork

Purebred Berkshire Pork

Prop 12 Compliant, 100% Purebred Berkshire, Antibiotic Free, Ecological Farming Practices, Raised in the USA, Japanese Kurobuta Five Star Quality, Hand Inspected for Quality Assurance. Unique ruby red color and marbling.

Wholesale Bacon

Non-GMO Craft Bacon

Our number one selling line. Made with humanely raised, corn and soy-free non-GMO pork, naturally smoked. Prop 12 compliant. Available in Maple or a sugar free Rustic.

Pasture Raised Chicken

Our chickens are raised outdoors with access to real pasture. They’re not only healthy and delicious but also beyond sustainable rebuilding healthy, regenerative soils and grasslands. No antibiotics ever, grown slowly.

Pasture Grazed & Free Range Turkey

Our turkey comes from hybrid growing operations, both pasture-grazed and progressively free-range. Pasture-grazed turkeys live in a rotational grazing system with lush fresh pasture every week. Fed a diet of locally milled grains with added probiotics for gut health. No antibiotics ever, grown slowly. Our pasture raised whole turkeys during the holidays are something we are extremely proud of.

Craft Sausages & Hot Dogs

In house signature recipes. Natural smoke, organic ingredients. Never any antibiotics. No nitrates or nitrites added. Fully cooked - ready to heat & eat.

Wholesale Hams, Non-GMO

Non-GMO Hams

Humanely raised, Non-GMO Project verified pork. Never Administered Antibiotics. No Nitrates or Nitrates added. Natural Cherrywood Smoked. Gluten Free. Milk Free. Casein Free. Prop 12 Compliant. Fully cooked, ready to eat or heat.

Wholesale grassfed beef, beef for wholesale, grass finished

Grass-fed and Finished Beef

Our beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished (no corn, soy or any grains ever). Cattle are never treated with any antibiotics ever or administered hormones, never confined to a feedlot, grown slowly.

Wholesale grass fed lamb

Grass-fed and Finished Lamb

Our lamb is grass-fed and finished. The lambs can mature for an unbelievable quality. The lambs are a key piece of an integrated regenerative agricultural model where the lamb glen fields and while adding fertility naturally. No antibiotics ever. The lambs are certified humane.