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Cherrywood Smoked Sea Salt, 4 oz - 25% OFF!

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Cherrywood smoked sea salt has a slightly sweet, smoky flavor. A sprinkle of this salt adds delicious flavor to fish, poultry, vegetables, and meat.

INGREDIENTS: 100% pure sea salt smoked slowly over cherrywood fire.

Pictured with the Humboldt Flake Sea Salt (sold separately).


Located in Oakland, California’s Grand Lake neighborhood, on Solano Avenue in Albany, California and in the Castro Valley Marketplace in Castro Valley, California.

They focus on sourcing the absolute best-tasting version of each individual spice that they can find, which entails working with hundreds of different importers. They grind spices themselves, in their shop, every week or two. This means the ground spices customers find at Oaktown are bursting with flavor and are far fresher than those found elsewhere.

Their spice blends are signature recipes, hand-mixed in the shop using their freshly ground spices. Some are their versions of well-known favorites, while others, such as the Grand Lake Shake or Umami Sea Salt, are their own inventions, born of curiosity and adventures in the kitchen.