Loin Chops - Lamb


Product Description

The Anderson Ranches 100% grass finished lamb chops are such a treat. The lamb is 100% grass finished, slow grown on pastures in the Willamette Valley in Oregon outside of Eugene, OR.

Lamb loin chops if they were from a beef carcass would be a porterhouse or T-bone steak, they include the strip-loin and the tenderloin of the lamb (the new york and the tenderloin of the beef).  These Lamb loin chops are tender, flavorful and a delicacy.

Packed as 2 or 3 chops to a package depending on the loin size.

Serve these medium rare - So good!

Cooking Methods:

  • Grill
  • Pan- Broil / Skillet
  • Broil 
  • Smoke
  • Sous Vide