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Grass-fed Beef for Carne Asada

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Our humanely raised, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef is hand sliced thin sheets of eye round and/or top round. We suggest marinading carne asada in a soy citrus style marinade and refrigerate for 2 to 8 hours before cooking. Carne asada is typically grilled or cooked on a cast iron skillet and one of the few cuts we would suggest cooking a little longer to caramelize - medium to well done works best.

With this perfect thin cut you can make beef cutlets, beef scallopini, stuffed steak rolls, Mongolian beef, Bulgogi, beef fajitas, carne asada burrito bowls and more!

SIZE: 1 lb



  • Grill
  • Skillet
  • Broil

INGREDIENTS: 100% Grass-fed and Finished Beef


  • Beef cutlets
  • Beef scallopini
  • Stuffed steak rolls
  • Mongolian beef
  • Bulgogi
  • Beef fajita
  • Carne asada burrito bowls


Dry Aged, Grass-fed & Grass-finished Beef, Slow Grown

Humboldt Grassfed is a unique grass finishing collective in Humboldt Country that produces grass-finished beef with jaw-dropping flavor. The alluvial soils and mild environment in Humboldt county are perfect for growing long season high-quality forage production. Always humanely raised.


Grass-fed & Grass-finished Beef on Family Ranches

The origins of the Piedmontese breed are traced to the Piedmont area of Northwest Italy. This unique breed makes up less than 1% of the cattle in the United States. Certified Piedmontese cattle are under a strict zero-grain policy and have a grass-fed diet from start to finish, eating only grass and forage as nature intended - truly grass-fed and finished. Never given any antibiotics or any added hormones. This exceptional breed meets one of the grass fed industry's greatest challenges head-on: consistent tenderness & mild flavor. Incredibly, the Piedmontese beef consistently presents a mild beefy flavor (think filet mignon) and is reliability tender. These culinary attributes are a game changer for our growing grass fed movement. 

  • 100% traceable from ranch to fork
  • From Certified Piedmontese herds - Rare Italian-heritage Piedmontese beef
  • Ensured environmental sustainability, humane animal handling, and responsible resource management at every step
  • Verified Non-GMO
  • Raised on family ranches across the Midwest
  • Verified all-natural; the Piedmontese cattle are never given antibiotics, steroids, or hormones 
  • Strictly defined ranching standards that meet all Verified Natural Beef™ requirements
  • Certified Piedmontese beef has fewer calories, less fat, and higher protein per ounce than beef from other breeds
  • Verified Where Food Comes From, Inc.
  • Verified Paleo-Certified