Grass-fed Flank Steak
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Grass-fed Flank Steak

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It's most commonly used as fajita meat or stir fry meat and it's perfect for marinades or rubs. It can be an extremely flavorful piece of meat, but is very lean, containing almost no fat. Despite its toughness, it can be tender and tasty if you prepare it properly. Cook it low and slow for best results. Also, be sure to slice thinly against the grain.

100% grass-fed and finished, and are never treated with hormones or antibiotics.

SIZE: 1 - 1.59 lb (choose your size)

SERVES: 3-4 


  • Grill
  • Pan-Fry / Skillet

INGREDIENTS: 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef


We offer this cut from two incredible farms, Carman Ranch and Richards Grassfed. You can't go wrong with either choice! Both are 100% grass-fed and finished beef with culinary quality flavor produced from farms backing regenerative agriculture.


Grass-fed & Grass-finished, Slow Grown

Carman Ranch is not simply raising delicious grass-fed & finished beef, they are focused on building soil, rural economic, and human health through scaled and organized regenerative agriculture.


Regenerative Verified Beef, Grass-fed & Grass-finished, Slow Grown

Richards Grassfed Beef is the first Ecological Outcome Verified (EOV) cattle operation on the West Coast. This 6,600-acre family-run ranch regenerates our natural ecosystem, increases biodiversity, and can help reverse climate change.

Dry Aged, Grass-fed & Grass-finished Beef, Slow Grown

Lost Coast Humboldt is a unique grass finishing collective in Humboldt Country that produces grass-finished beef with jaw-dropping flavor. The alluvial soils and mild environment in Humboldt county are perfect for growing long season high-quality forage production.