Pork Chop - Bone In


Product Description

This is the Bone In Ribeye of the Pork Kingdom. An incredible eating experience. This delicious Bone In Pork Chop works perfectly for holidays and everyday use alike.

  • Cut by Hand - "Single Rib" style.
  • Keep it frozen for convenient use at any time.
  • Soy and Corn Free Pork - Non GMO Project Verified - European Small Grain Finnish.
  • Made from pork that is raised outdoors with a Deep Straw Bedded shelter. The bedding is composted and used to add fertility to the surrounding fields. This is a wonderful agricultural livestock model that allows for hogs to display their natural behavior while the fertility is captured and up-cycled. Grown with passion on the Klingeman Family Farm.

This Bone In Pork Chop is a centerpiece. Wonderfully marbled, tender and full of rich flavor. We have been working with the Klingeman Family for nearly a decade and this is a head turner. Supplies are limited so order today, and store it safely in your freezer! See below for preparation instructions.

  • Chop weighs no less than 12 oz.
  • Soy Free, Non-GMO Project Verified pork
  • Ingredients: Pork Loin

How to Defrost - 2 days before using, place the pork chop in your refrigerator to gently defrost. Need it faster - put chop sealed in the packaging and submerge in cool water. It will be ready to season in an hour.

How to Reheat - Lightly season then grill it, pan fry or broil your pork chop. Don't over cook it! Use your meat thermometer to cook to and internal temperature of 135-140F - let it rest for 8 min.

How to Handle Left-Overs - Keep refrigerated and consume the pork chop within 2 days form the day of cooking.

Storing Long-Term - Keep frozen in its original vacuum pouch packaging unopened. I will last up to a year in your freezer at 0F bag. Keep Frozen.