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Rustic Sugar Free Bacon - 8 oz.

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Rustic Bacon was our first flagship charcuterie creation. Simple but Not Easy. This is an ideal minimalist bacon for those who prefer savory tastes.

For this bacon, we focused on the pork and then simply intended to complement it.

Rustic bacon has been fuel for the hard core cross fit and keto crowds for years. In fact we have worked with the Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA for ketogenic diet therapy for children with epilepsy. The right food can truly be thy medicine.

No added sweeteners, or other ingredients that you can't understand which is rare to find when it comes to bacon. Our rustic, honest bacon is just pure natural smoke, sea salt, and that remarkably pork flavor.

  • Sugar-free to keep it simple and fuel your body
  • Keller Rustic Bacon is in the Keto diet database to plan you meals
  • Made with corn and soy free non-GMO pork
  • (Uncured) Cured with celery powder, smoke and sea salt
  • Humanely raised on a family farm where the hogs are grown outdoors for natural vitamin D.

This bacon would pair nicely with recipes that include onion or garlic such as a delectable, stir-fry, burgers or a pasta carbonara.

  • 8 ounce package
  • Non-GMO Project Verified pork
  • Ingredients: Pork (Klingeman Farms No Soy Pork), Water, Sea Salt, Celery Juice Powder